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Partition SD Card with Powerful SD Card Partition Tool

Jan 04, 2018 / Posted by Tracy King to Partition Master

Here is powerful SD card partition tool that can help you partition SD card in simple steps. Just download the software and follow the guide step by step to partition your SD card with ease.

Why you need partition SD card?

To partition SD card is normally used most frequently by Android device users who use SD card to expand storage capacity in Android devices. But why are there so many people are trying to find a SD card partition tool to partition SD card or create new partitions in SD card? Here are some major reasons for why need partition SD card:

1. Partition SD card to create storage space for a recovery image or funnel a rooted device's applications to the card to preserve internal memory.

2. Partition SD card to migrate applications & data into SD card for releasing more free space and optimize device or tablets.

These two are major reasons why users need partition SD card, another main reason is to manage data and classify them as the way you need. Some people would like to store similar files into one partition, and save other different files into another partition. All these require to partition SD card to create several seperate partitions. But how? Is it possible to find an easy way or SD card partition tool to partition SD card?

EaseUS SD card partition tool provides an easy way to partition SD card

EaseUS software, a responsible software producer always knows what users need the most  provides a powerful SD card partition tool - EaseUS Partition Masteran easy solution for you to dealing with SD card partitioning job. This software supports to manage SD card, format hard drive and even do more complex jobs such as to migrate OS to HDD/SSD. Now, you can free download this SD card partition tool and follow steps below to partition SD card with ease.

Steps to partition SD card with EaseUS SD card partition tool

Note: Do remember to backup your sd card before trying to partition SD card with EaseUS SD card partition tool if you have important data on the card.

1. Launch EaseUS SD card partition tool, choose your SD card and click "Resize/More partition" or "Create partition".

Choose right option in EaseUS SD card partition tool to partition SD card

2. Then specify the new partition size by dragging the mouse or input partition size that you need. Click “OK”.

Specify the new partition size to partition SD card.

3. Click "Apply" to partition SD card.

Finish all the step above anf then you can successfully partition SD card and create new partitions with no obstacles. And if there are some other complex troubles, you can also try to solve them with this SD card partition tool on your own.