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Partition SD Card Windows 10 | SD Card Partition Software

Updated on Mar 16, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

Download the best free SD card partition software to partition SD card in Windows 10/8/7 with simple mouse clicks.

How to Partition a SanDisk 32GB microSD Card Using Windows 10?

"Hi, I have a SanDisk 32GB microSD card in the FAT32 format that I use on my Android smartphone. Windows 10 won't help shrink it or resize it. Do you know what SD card partition software would help partition SD card in Windows 10?"

How to partition SD card for Android or digital camera? Usually, Windows allows removable storage partitioning (memory card, USB drive, pen drive, flash drive, etc.) in these steps. For example, in a Windows 10 computer, you can right-click "This PC" created on the desktop and find "Manage" feature. Open "Manage" and navigate to Windows 10 "Disk Management" panel under "Storage". The whole process should be: Go to This PC -> Manage -> Storage -> Disk Management.

By shrinking one SD card partition and creating a new one in Windows Disk Management would realize partitioning an SD card ideally. However, many people find it difficult, and sometimes impossible to perform the task. "the shrink or extend volume option is greyed out", "being unable to change letter nor assign drive letter to the newly created partition on the SD card" and other more issues stopped them from trying to partition SD card in Windows 10.

A Reliable SD Card Partition Tool 

Regarding this partitioning fault in Windows 10, we suggest users turn to an alternate solution. EaseUS free partition manager is the best free SD card partition software, SD card partition manager, and SD card partition tool in the world. Most of all, it's incredibly user-friendly and safe, that would do no damage to the existing data when you split a partition into many chunks. 

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 Windows 10 is supported

STEP 1. Shrink SD Card Partition and Spare an Unallocated Space

1) Launch EaseUS Partition Master. 

2) On its main interface, right-click the drive partition of the SD card, and choose "Resize/Move partition".

shrink SD card partition

3) Position the mouse pointer at either side of the partition handle. Drag the handle leftwards or rightwards to shrink it.

shrink SD card partition

4) Click "OK". Now you got an unused space next to the partition that contains data on it.

STEP 2. Create Primary/Logical Partition (FAT, NTFS)

1) Right-click the unallocated space, and select "Create partition".

create partition for SD card

2) When the Create partition window pops out, you can enter a partition label, select a drive letter, cluster size, partition size, partition type (Primary/Logical) and file system from the pull-down menu. While creating partition, you could also resize the new partition to a certain size.

edit SD card partition information

STEP 3. Complete Partitioning SD Card with EaseUS Partition Master

Click "OK", a new partition will be created. Now you have two partitions on your SD card. To create more partitions, just repeat the steps above.

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 Windows 10 is supported