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Free download the trial version of Partition Magic software

Updated on Dec 19, 2018 by Tracy King to Partition Master

Free download the trial version of Partition Magic software and enjoy the function with the free trial version of Partition Magic software.

Partition magic software - EaseUS Partition Master allows you to create, resize and merge partitions on your hard drive without destroying data.

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 Windows 10 is supported

With partition magic software free trial version, IT professionals can quickly and easily create partitions on desktop hard disks for storing valuable corporate information such as data files, applications, and operating systems. The partition magic software free trial version enables corporations to secure data by physically separating it from other files. Separate partitions also make backup easier.

Free partition manager software

Whether utilizing the remote agent technology across a TCP/IP connection to copy or move partitions on a computer, or scripting features enabling administrators to change the partitions on a computer simply by running a script, partition magic software is one of the best desktop management products available in the future.

Here are some key features of "partition magic software":

  • Resize and move partitions without losing data.
  • Hard Disk Copy or Partition Copy Wizards - Easily upgrade/migrate hard drive or copy partition to protect data.
  • Copy with resize - Resize (shrink or enlarge) partitions and disks during copy process in order to fit target space.
  • Support hardware RAID.
  • Create, delete and format partitions with simple step.
  • Convert FAT to NTFS.
  • Merge two partitions into a bigger one.
  • Label partitions - assigned to a partition for easier recognition.
  • View Disk/Partition property of each partition.
  • Hide and unhide partitions - protect important data from unauthorized or casual access.
  • Set an active partition - specify one partition to be the boot partition.
  • Creates a bootable CD/DVD to manage partitions easier and faster. (Only Professional, Server, Unlimited and Technician Edition).