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How to Partition Hard Drive on Surface Pro

Posted on Jan 24, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

Finding a way to partition hard drive on Surface Pro? EaseUS Partition software can help! It allows you to create, delete, format, copy, resize partition on surface Pro with no hassle.

How can I partition hard drive on Surface Pro? 

I just bought a new Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 and 250 GB hard drive. It's all C: drive, and I really want to partition it into four separate ones like C, D, E and F drives. But what makes me surprise is that Windows won't let that happen. Actually, I even consulted with Microsoft Tech Support staff and was told it's only possible to choose how many drives you need during the Windows installation process. I definitely need at least 2 separate drives: one for the system and one for my data. Can someone identify a way to partition hard drive on Surface Pro without obliterating the Windows 10 installation?

Recently, many users ask for help in Surface Pro hard drive management. Most of them report that it is difficult to partition hard drive on Surface Pro. Usually, people can easily partition a hard drive in Windows 10 using free built-in Disk Management tool on other Windows computer with no hassle. But it seems that Surface Pro is an exception. Please don’t worry! Here is a solution. You can try third-party partition magic tool as an alternative to partition Surface Pro hard drive. EaseUS partition tool is our recommendation. It is an all-in-one tool which enables you to view and manage the installed drives and partitions on the computer. 

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 Windows 10 is supported

Steps to Partition hard drive on Surface Pro in Windows 10

Coming with various flexible and advanced features, EaseUS partition tool is your best choice to partition Surface Pro hard drive. It can also help you handle many other disk-related tasks such as create, delete, format, copy, merge, split and resize a partition on your Surface Pro. As a professional partition software. it nearly satisfies all the demands of the users and is convenient for the users, so it is widely used by the users. Now you can follow the guide below to partition hard drive on Surface Pro as you desired easily.

1. Launch EaseUS partition software, select the unallocated space and right click the mouse to choose Create partition.

Choose unallocated space to partition Surface Pro hard drive

2. When the Create partition window pops out, you can enter a partition label, select a drive letter, cluster size, partition size, partition type (Primary/Logical) and file system from the pull-down menu. While creating partition, you could also resize the partition to a certain size.

partition Surface Pro hard drive

Regularly, if the partition contains an operating system, "Primary" should be selected for it.

3. Click "OK" to confirm all your operations. After that, a new partition will be successfully created.