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Extend C drive under Windows to solve C drive out of space problem

Posted on Jan 12, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

When C drive is out of space, it is better to extend C drive or system partition with partition manager for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Server 2000/2003/2008 (32bit and 64bit) system.

Why do you need to extend c drive?

When the C drive is out of space or c drive full or you simply get a low disk space warning, and hardware upgrades aren't an option, what are you going to do? If the system keeps warning you that your c drive is out of space, what will you do to solve such a problem?

Windows will alert you when the drive is in low disk space as following:

  • Windows XP C drive is out of space:

Windows XP out of space

  • Windows 7 C drive is out of space:

Windows 7 out of space

Do you have any ideas now? Here the following we’ll introduce you a few tips for how to resize Windows OS partition.

Tips to extend C drive

There are a few things you can do in these cases to extend C drive. These include:

  • Move the print spooler and page file to another drive.
  • Run EaseUS CleanGenius to speed up your slow computer, clean up those junk files and repair Windows system. This might save you a large amount of disk space.
  • You can also merge other partition into C drive for more space.

A combination of these things will allow you to free up a significant amount of space on your C drive. For the users who want to extend C drive, EaseUS partition software is a right choice for you.

How to extend C drive with EaseUS Partition Master?

EaseUS Partition Master is a partition manager software which has the ability to extend C drive without data loss and application reinstallation. Just follow the steps below, you can solve "C drive out of space" quickly and safely.

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master, use "Resize/Move partition" function to shrink the partition behind C. At the same time, move the drive to make unallocated space locate behind C.

Resize partition

2. Select the system partition (C: drive), right click it and select "Resize/Move partition", drag the partition handle rightwards to extend system partition (C: drive).

Extend C drive

3. Click “Apply” to finish all changes.

For more detailed information, please visit resizing and moving partitions. EaseUS Partition can help you out of partition problems such as c drive is out of space.