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How to Combine Windows 7 Partitions with Free Partition Manager Software?

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Master

Combining two partitions under Windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista/2000 into a bigger one can increase system C drive size and get rid of low disk space problem. EaseUS Partition Master Free is free to combine/merge two partitions with all data protected.

You may need to combine partitions under Windows 7 when:

  • Upgrading from previous operating system to Windows 7; however, the system C drive is hard to hold all Windows files and updates.
  • Or you may want to combine two adjacent partitions into a bigger for larger capacity.

Some may doubt whether it is possible to combine two partitions together. In fact, combining two separate partitions together is not easy but it is really possible if you have the right tool, like the disk tool provided by Windows 7 disk management.

A large number of pc users might not be familiar with this tool for they barely use them in their daily work. Under disk management, you can see the layout of all your partitions: its size, partition type, used space, unused space and so on. Right-click one partition and you will see a down-drop menu. You might find "Extend volume", "Shrink volume", "Delete volume", etc. Although there is no option for you to directly combine two partitions, this can still be realized by the following instruction.

How to combine two partitions with built-in disk management?

Shrink Volume

Step 1: Launch Windows 7 disk management tool by right-clicking "My Computer" and choosing "Manage".

Step 2: Backup important data in one partition and select "Delete volume" to delete this partition.

Step 3: Then needed space will be obtained by deleting and right click another partition. Choose "Extend volume" to combine these two into one. (These two partitions must be adjacent partitions)

How to combine partitions with EaseUS Partition Master?

Here you can see this goal is made by deleting one partition to get unallocated space for combining. What's more, only if the unallocated space is behind the partition, extending function can be available.

It won't be a surprise when you find the disk management won't work out in your case. So many improvements and breakthrough need to be made. This is what EaseUS does.

EaseUS Partition Master, which can be found in all famous and professional IT forums and blogs, focuses on partition management: resize/move partition, change partition type, merge partition, convert disk or recover lost partitions and so on.

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

Using EaseUS Partition Master Free, a free edition for PC users to merge partitions won't be so troublesome as it is in disk management.

Copy all data into another safe place or back up all data into the image to guarantee data security.

1. After installing this program, go to the main interface and choose the partition you decided to combine. Select "Merge partition" in the left sidebar or under "Partitions" menu on the top.

Select Merge partition

2. Decide which one to be the Main and which one that needs to be combined into another partition.(These two partitions must be neighboring to each other unless there has unallocated space between them.)

Select partitions to merge

3. After all set, click Apply to combine two partitions into a single one by this free partition software.

Merge partitions