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Copy/Clone Dynamic Disk to Back up or Replace or Resize Dynamic Disk

Updated on Nov 29, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

Copy/clone dynamic disk to backup data or replace or resize dynamic disk for your Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008.

Have Had the Same Needs of Dynamic Disk Copy/Clone

Have you met the problem that your dynamic disk is out of space? Have you come across the situation that there is a bad disk among dynamic disks and want to replace it without data loss?

"I have a project coming up in which I will need to clone a dynamic disk for backup and precautionary reasons. This pc is running windows 2000 small business server. It has two disks that are dynamic and have been mirrored in the windows disk management software interface. What would be the best way to clone a disk for the reasons given in this setup? The system is fragmented extremely badly, and the customer is worried that defragmenting may cause a system failure or data loss. So they have requested I do the above and then defrag the system. That's the madness behind the method.

Thanks in advance for the input."

The above is a case of dynamic disk copy demand in the forum. Just search "dynamic copy disk" in Google, and you will find there are too many people need to copy their dynamic disk for different cases, like replacing with a larger one, backing up data by cloning dynamic disk to a basic one or an external hard drive.

Solutions for dynamic disk copy/clone & resize dynamic disk

Talk too much of the problems and please follow to find the solutions.

Copy dynamic disk methods

Simple copy and paste to back up the data on the dynamic disk is an old way to copy the entire disk. However, it is too slow which will not be adopted by most of the people. Another way is to copy the entire dynamic disk with a copy or backup software. Some of the software provides a slow sector-by-sector clone while other provides a faster partition copy feature.

How to Copy Dynamic Disk or Even Resize It

As a Windows user, the computer may pop up a low disk warning which means it is too small to store more data and information. To replace it with a larger one or resize the original one might be the right way.

Professional partition magic software - EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition may help you realize both copy and resize dynamic disk problems to solve low disk, backup or disk replacement problems. Free download a trial version to have a test now.

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 Windows 10 is supported


Step 1: Locate the dynamic volume

EaseUS Partition Master displays your disk volumes information. Find the dynamic volume, right-click on it and choose "Clone".

choose the source volume

Step 2: Choose a destination

Choose unallocated space on a disk, which should be large enough to hold the source disk data. Click "Next".

choose the destination volume

Step 3: Preview disk layout

You can preview the disk layout of both the source disk and the destination disk. Also, you can resize the volume before proceeding. Click "OK".

preview disk layout

Step 4: Apply changes

Click the "Execute Operation" button on the home menu and then "Apply". 

apply changes

After that, you can fully trust the protective backup of your dynamic disk or upgrade the original dynamic disk with the larger disk.

EaseUS Partition Master provides a direct way to convert dynamic disk into the basic disk so that you can operate on the partitions directly, here is how: How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Data Loss?

While you can also enlarge the disk partition on the basic disk and then convert it to a dynamic one if it is needed sometime later, you can also resize dynamic volume directly on dynamic disk.

EaseUS Partition Master, as an all-in-one disk management solution, also provides powerful partition manager functions like resize/move partition, extend system partition, split/merge partitions, partition recovery wizard to recover deleted or lost partition and Clone Wizard.