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Best free partition manager for Windows 8 32 bit and 64 bit system hard disk management

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 by Tracy King to Partition Master

Best free Windows partition software can help you resize, move, shrink, extend, merge, split and copy hard disk partitions easily in Windows 8/10/7/XP/Vista without data loss.

Does anyone know if Partition Magic 8 will work on Windows 8 32 bit or 64 bit? I have a partition that I would like to delete and just redistribute that free space into another partition. Does Windows 8 have any built-in tool to do it?

I face a problem of low disk space in the C drive or "C drive is out of space" after I installed Windows 8. I have assigned 19.5 GB for my C drive. Now I want to extend C drive. How do I do it? The total capacity of my hard disk is 180 GB. Please help!

I want to resize my partition C in which Windows 7 is installed and spare some space to install Windows 8 and keep a dual-boot between Windows 7 and Windows 8. This will cause a resize of a local disk C: and D: (there are already data to the interior). Is it possible to resize Windows 8 partition without data loss?

Extend/shrink partition with Windows 8 built-in Partition Manager

Like Windows 7, Windows 8 built-in Disk Management has the ability to shrink volume and extend volume. Just right click on "My Computer", choose "Manage", and you will get a popup window, choose "Disk Management" in left navigation bar. And then, your hard disk condition will show.

Then you need to right click on the partition which you want to shrink, and choose "Shrink Volume", then type a number how large space you want to free up.

When there is some unallocated space next to the system partition that you want to extend and right click the system partition that you want to extend, choose "Extend Volume", and type the number of that unallocated space. Then the Windows 8 partition resize is done.

Windows Built-in Partition Manager Limitations:

Although there is some improvement of Disk Management Tool in Windows 8, it still has many limitations in partition management. Because some advanced partition management in Windows 8 is still unavailable when you find your system partition is out of space which will be in red as below:

Windows 8 low disk space

In this condition, you may want to shrink volume E: and extend system partition for Windows 8. After shrinking volume E:, there is some unallocated space next to it. And then right click the system partition, you find that "Extend Volume" option is grayed out. You are right, Windows 8 built-in Disk Management can only extend volume when there is some unallocated space behind it, otherwise, the "Extend Volume" option is not available. Because Windows 8 built-in Disk Management doesn't provide "Move partition" feature, so you have to seek Windows 8 partition magic alternative. EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition, a comprehensive free hard disk partition manager and system optimization software for Windows-based administration, works well with Windows 8.

Best free Windows 8 partition manager

Many people have requested for the help to resize partition under Windows 8 and want to get a best free Windows 8 partition manager to manage their hard disk out of space problem.

Here are some standards to choose the best free Windows 8 partition manager:

Firstly, it must be safe and will not destroy the data on the hard drive.
Secondly, it must be easy to use even for the new bee.
Thirdly, it must work stablely and be compatible with the system.

In consideration of the above things, here is a best free Windows 8 partition manager for you - EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition.

Firstly, it is tested thousands of times by the Test Department for the data security. If you still feel not sure about it, you have two options to resize Windows 8 partition: extend one and shrink another by "Resize/Move partition" feature or merge two partitions into one by "Merge partition."

Secondly, it is easy to use which allows you to drag and draw on the disk map to the size that you want.

Best free Windows 8 partition manager

Thirdly, most of the famous IT professionals have tested the software and written reviews for this free partition manager, such as Cnet, PCWORLD, etc. More awards from other famous IT magazines and communities.

Besides Partition Manager, EaseUS Partition Master provides Partition recovery wizard and Copy disk & partition wizard features. It is a complete solution to solve your disk and partition problems.