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Acer Partition Manager: Resize And Merge Partitions

Posted on Jan 18, 2018 by Jean to Partition Master

Acer partition manager is developed for Acer laptop as well as Acer desktops users to fully manage the hard drive and partitions, such as resize system partition when c drive is full or merge two partitions into a bigger one.

Is there any disk/partition management tool for Acer laptop?

"I heard that any laptop's hard disk partitions can be re-allocated by using a partition tool. Now I would like to have a try on my Windows 10 Acer laptop. There are four partitions C:, D:, E:, F:, and I want to move 70 GB from D: to C:, and then merge E: and F: into one bigger partition. So what Acer partition manager can I use? If I merge partitions, will the data be disturbed? Please introduce me a very reliable disk/partition management tool that won't do any damage to the data on the Acer laptop."

Windows 10 users can directly access the built-in Windows disk management by going to "This PC> Manage> Disk Management". Usually, the hard disk state and the partitions information will be displayed on the disk management map, so you are able to do some changes on the disk, for example, convert Basic disk to Dynamic disk or convert MBR disk to GPT disk; or just change the volume size by shrinking one partition and then extend the other, and format, delete partitions as well. However, if you require a further control of your Acer laptop or desktop hard disk and partitions like merge, hide, wipe partitions, you need a powerful Windows 10 disk management alternative.

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Best Acer partition management utility with rich and advanced features

Thus, to fully control your Acer hard drive and volumes, we recommend you a fantastic Windows free partition manager - EaseUS Partition Master. It's a partition tool that supersedes all the functionalities of the built-in Windows disk management and comes with more enhanced partitioning features. It is applicable to all Windows platforms and was also chosen as the best Acer partition management program. Besides the popularity among Acer users, HP users think EaseUS Partition Master is the most easy-to-use and functional HP partition tool.

Right-click the partition you want to adjust the size, and choose "Resize/Move partition". Shrink one partition with larger space to get some unallocated space, then extend the other partition to increase its size.

resize partitions on Acer  laptop and desktop

Right-click the partition to be merged and choose "Merge partition". Next, you can merge any adjacent two partitions into a bigger one. Note that EaseUS Partition Master only supports merging partitions on basic disk. If you got a dynamic disk, you can firstly use the program to convert dynamic disk to basic disk.

merge partitions on Acer laptop or desktop

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 Windows 10 is supported