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Windows 7 disk management: resize, extend, shrink partition

Posted on Sep 01, 2016 by Daisy to Partition Manager

Use Windows 7 disk management and EaseUS Partition Master Free to resize/move/merge/split/extend/shrink Windows partition in Windows 10/8/7

When Windows 7 system is out of space, Windows 7 system partition always shows in red as below:

Windows 7 low disk space

How to solve "low disk space" warning? Windows 7 disk manager - Disk Management and EaseUS Partition Master can extend Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit system partition to solve this issue with simple operations.

Windows 7 built-in disk management

Windows 7 built in Disk Management has the ability to shrink and extend partition. You just need to right click in Disk Management and choose "Shrink Volume" or "Extend Volume".

Windows 7 Disk Management

But there is a huge disadvantage to extend partition with Disk Management: "Extend Volume" is available unless there is continuous space behind this partition. Otherwise, you cannot extend partition. Windows 7 Disk Management cannot move partition to let continuous space be behind the partition which you want to extend. While as magic Windows 7 disk management software, EaseUS Partition Master can resize, extend or shrink Windows 7 partition with simple operations.

EaseUS Partition Master

As magic Windows 7 disk manager, EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition is a FREE comprehensive hard disk partition management software to let you enjoy free with all the powerful functions: Extend system partition, Resize and Move partitions, Copy Partition, Copy Disk, Create, Deleted and Format partitions, Hide and Unhide partitions and much more. What's more, the freeware works perfectly with hardware RAID and Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8 32/64 bit Operating Systems. Your data is completely protected during all operations.

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 Windows 10 is supported

How to resize/extend/shrink Windows 7 partition with EaseUS Partition Master?

The following is step-by-step instruction to extend system partition (C: drive).

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master.

Free partition manager software

If there is no unallocated space behind the system partition, please follow the below steps. If there is unallocated space behind the system partition, please directly go to step 4.

2. Select partition E:, right click it, select "Resize/Move partition" and drag the partition handle leftwards to resize E drive. Then there will be unallocated space behind E: drive.

Resize Windows 7 data partition

3. Move E: drive rightwards to let the unallocated space be behind the system partition (C: drive) and click OK.

Move the data partition

4. Select the system partition (C: drive), right click it and select "Resize/Move partition", drag the partition handle rightwards to extend system partition (C: drive).

Extend Windows 8 system partition

5. Click Apply.

After EaseUS Partition Master executes these operations, you will see the Windows 7 system partition has been extended in Disk Management.

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 Windows 10 is supported