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How to Recover Deleted/Lost Partition in Playstation 4?

Posted on Sep 07, 2016 by Tracy King to Partition Manager

Effective methods are ready to help restore lost or deleted partition in PS4 now. If you happen to lose or delete partitions in Playstation 4 and lost precious games, relax. Follow this article and you’ll get all partition with games restored with ease now.

Deleted partition in PS4, help!

"Does anyone know how to get lost partition back with games in PS4? I happen to delete a false partition which contains most of my downloaded games. Do I still have a chance to recover the lost partition in PS4? How?"

Partition loss error happens occasionally but not easy to be fixed for most ordinary users. When such a problem happen to game players, things will be quite urgent for them. Don't worry for having no effective method to restore lost partition in PS4, PS3 or other game drives anymore. Here below, we'll offer you effective method to restore lost partition with game files in Playstation 4 with simple clicks. Follow and find the method now.

Recommend: recover lost/deleted partition in PS4 with partition manager software

In order to avoid further problems from happening, and prevent further data loss error, it's highly recommended for you not to use the Playstation 4 hard drive where you lost partition to store further new data. And a professional partition manager software shall be your best choice. 

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

EaseUS Partition Master with its partition recovery wizard allows you to simply restore whole lost partition and files with simple clicks. It also supports to resize partition, extend C drive and even migrate OS to HDD/SSD etc with ease. You can free download this software and apply it to recover lost/deleted partition in Playstation 4 with ease now.

Tutorial: recover deleted/lost partition in PS4 with EaseUS Partition Master

You can now install EaseUS Partition Master in your PC with PS4 and follow below steps to recover whole lost partition with ease now:

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master > Click Wizard > Choose Partition recovery wizard > Next.
2. Select recovery mode: Automatic or Manual > Click Next.

Recover lost partition in PS4.

Automatic mode will recover all deleted or lost partitions on the unallocated space on all hard disks in your PC. But it's not always possible to recover all partitions in this mode.
Therefore, Manual mode is more recommended to restore the exact lost partition.

3. Select the Unallocated space (where you deleted the PS4 partition) and click Next > Select a search method: Fast or Complete.
In order to find deleted system reserved partition, we recommend you to try Complete mode.
Then Click Next.

Recover deleted partition in PS4.

4. Wait for the program to find your lost partitions and select the listed system reserved partition and click Proceed
If it didn't find the lost partition for you, you may try again to continue use the Complete search method.

Restore lost/deleted partition in Playstation 4.

After all these steps, your lost Playstation 4 partition with files will all be restored. You can reuse the partition and play games stored inside the partition again.