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How to Merge Partitions to Get More Space on C: Drive for Free

Posted on Jun 18, 2015 by Jean to Partition Manager

EaseUS partition manager freeware can not only merge partitions to get more space on C: drive but also flexibly create unallocated space to increase/extend/expand C: drive.

How to merge partitions to get more space on C: drive? Windows computers usually have four partitions named as C: D: E: F: respectively, and C: drive being the system partition is a default location for system data and most Internet downloads. If computer owners used to save data on the default place, they'll soon realize that the system volume needs extending desperately.

Disk Management can NOT increase C: drive through "Merge Partitions"

In fact, Windows disk management under "Storage/Manage/Computer" is capable of expanding C: drive, except directly merging with D: drive because there is no "Merge Partitions" option.

To extend C:, you have to shrink one partition to create some free space behind C:. Then choose C:, execute "Extend". Extend Volume Wizard will pop out, you'll see the present total volume of C: drive on the wizard windows and the maximum available space you can add in it. Input the number, and the extend behavior will be successfully done.

Partition manager software is quick & efficient in merging partitions

There are some limits in gaining C: drive space with Disk Management. However, you have a better alternative. EaseUS Partition Master Free, a third party partition program, provides "Merge partition" feature to merge two neighboring partitions directly. Now let's take a look at how to allocate more space on C: drive by merging with its adjacent partition.

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 Windows 10 is supported

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free.

2.Right click C: drive, choose "Merge Partition" on the tool bar.

merge partitions to increase C drive by EaseUS Partition Master Free

3. In the Merge partition window, you should first choose two neighboring partitions in the partition layout, then choose the merge destination by selecting a partition label. Here merge C: with D:, choose C: system as the merging result.

merge C with D to get more space on C by EaseUS Partition Master

4. Click OK, the program will check file system on the partition.

5. Click Apply, you have successfully merged C: and D: partitions. As a result, C: drive size has been largely extended.

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 Windows 10 is supported