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Download KB3172985 Update Stuck Freeze and Failed to Install Solved

2016-07-13 16:11:10 Posted by Jean to Partition Manager

Windows 10 July's cumulative update KB3172985 stuck, freeze and failed to install issue is solved here. Apply the solutions to download KB3172985 fast without trouble and get the fixes for your PC right away.

July 12 Cumulative Update KB3172985 Stuck and Failed to Install

Are you seeing issues while getting this July's cumulative update KB3172985? There are reports across social media and tech forums telling us that downloading KB3172985 update takes much longer time than normal, with some freezing up and stuck at 46%, 47%, 72%, 99% in the download process. It's just not accomplishing at those points.

Just like the last month's Windows 10 cumulative update KB3163018 fails to install problem and those of the older ones, KB3172985 update makes no exception to the rule. So, here in this page, let's first take a look at what the exact problems are and how to get rid of the failure and retry installing KB3172985 with success.

Users' Experience in Downloading KB3172985 Update (Failed or Fixed)

"KB3172985 is stuck at 46% here (was stuck at 47 before I ran WU Troubleshooting and restarted)."

"Mine also stuck at 47% for a long time, but eventually completed the download. It's been on 'Preparing to install updates' for about 20 minutes, though. I guess I'll have to force all these updates later tonight."

"For over an hour now, 'Downloading updates' is stuck at 89%. Sigh."

"It took an hour in total and at times it looked like it had hung, stuck at various points. Eventually, it finished and rebooted."

Troubleshoot KB3172985 Downloading Freezing, Stuck, Slow and Failed to Install Problems

1. Wait patiently till Windows gets its job done

Seeing from the users' experience, we suggest you wait patiently even the downloading process is randomly stuck at a certain percentage. Let the system do its job. If it times out, you will see an error and be asked to start the update process again. Usually, two or three times retry would help download KB3172985 successfully.

2. Directly install KB3172985 with download links

KB3172985 downloading process freezes at various moments before completion was supposed to be caused by a server overload since everyone is getting the patch. So, don't get yourself into the crowd. Use the direct download links to download KB3172985 cumulative update without a hitch.

Download KB3172985 for x86 (501 MB)

Download KB3172985 for x64 (914 MB)

3. Clear up your PC to speed up the download process

Don't blame server overload all along. It's time to do some cleaning over the PC. Extreme large files and junk files residues should commit the crime for not being able to download KB3172985 update fast, since the machine running speed has been dragged down for long.

Use EaseUS partition magic software to clean up junk files in Windows 10, involving system junk files, browser caches, Windows built-in applications and other application junk files.

4. Neglect KB3172985 and prepare your PC for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Sine nothing's new was introduced to this KB3172985 update, and no confirmed solutions are carried out to fix KB3163018 download stuck and failed to install problem, just jump over the update this time. Actually, each security updates and patches that released close to August 2, the date on which the major Windows 10 update would come, is preparing for the Anniversary Update. And, here you're provided with the complete solutions to get ready for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which makes the KB3172985 installation unnecessary once/when the download stuck and failed to install to your PC.