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How to Fix Local/External Hard Drives Not Opening by Double-Click

Updated on Dec 07, 2018 by Jean to Partition Manager

Your local hard drive or external hard disk are not opening by double-click as usual. Read this page carefully, pick up the best solution to fix the hard drive not opening problem without any hassle.

Double-Click on C Drive Doesn't Open the Drive

"In my computer, if I double-click local disk C: instead of opening it, the 'open with' box opens and asks me to select an application to open the file. That's not appropriate. What's wrong the hard drive? I can't open it nor access the files by double click as usual. Please, can anyone shed some light on this problem?"

Click the link and find solutions if you cannot open files/folders by double click on hard drive/memory card/USB flash drive.

One typical way to open an application, file, folder or a device on a computer is double-clicking, it's the most convenient and quickest way to get there. What if double clicking loses efficacy someday when trying to open hard drive or open USB drive on Windows 10/8/7? Keep alert, because you need to learn yourself how to solve the problem without doing any damage to it.

How to Fix Hard Drive Not Opening by Double-Clicking Problem

Virus, hardware issues and file system errors are the main causes for hard drive not opening usually. To largely reduce the risk of data loss, we suggest you try the following three solutions each after. By the way, the second and third solutions require you to download EaseUS free partition manager software on your computer in advance. It'll greatly assist the troubleshooting with ease.

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 Windows 10 is supported

>Solution 1. Remove autorun.inf Virus from the Operating System and Hard Drive

For example, remove the virus from D drive.

Step 1. Press Windows + R, type cmd in the Run box and hit enter. This will bring up a command prompt window.
Step 2. Type cd\.
Step 3. Type attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf.
Step 4. Type del autorun.inf.
Step 5. Now type d: and press enter for d: drive partition. Now repeat steps 3 and 4. Similarly, repeat step 5 for all your hard disk partition.

delete autorun.inf to delete virus from hard drive that's not opening by double click

Solution 2. Check and Repair Hard Drive Partition Errors


Step 1: Open EaseUS Partition Master on your computer. Then locate the disk, right-click the partition you want to check, and choose "Check File System".

Check Partition - Step 1

Step 2: In the Check File System window, keep the "Try to fix errors if found" option selected and click "Start".

Check Partition - Step 2

Step 3: The software will begin checking your partition file system on your disk. When it has completed, click "Finish".

Check Partition - Step 3

Solution 3. Format a Corrupted Hard Drive and Put It to Use as New

Formatting will erase all data on the hard drive. Since you can't open the drive at present, let EaseUS hard drive recovery software to help recover data from an inaccessible hard drive for you if you have the demand. With data safely exported, you can feel no hesitated to format the drive with the following guide.

Step 1: Run EaseUS Partition Master, right-click the hard drive partition you intend to format and choose "Format".

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 1

Step 2: In the new window, set the Partition label, File system (NTFS/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3), and Cluster size for the partition to be formatted, then click "OK".

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 2

Step 3: Then you will see a warning window, click "OK" in it to continue.

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 3

Step 4: Click the "Execute Operation" button in the top-left corner to review the changes, then click "Apply" to start formatting the partition on your hard drive.

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 4
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 Windows 10 is supported