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FIX: Hard disk dst short test failed

Posted on Oct 24, 2017 by Jean to Partition Manager

When hard disk dst short test failed with error 2000, 0141, 0142 and 1046 on a laptop or notebook, it is time to diagnose and repair hardware issues, or even worse replace the hard drive that is failing or has failed. This post includes every troubleshooting solution you need.

Hard disk dst short test failure

What is dst short test? Drive self-test (dst) is a test of the physical integrity of a hard drive, many laptop manufacturers such as HP and Dell are shipped with hard drives integrated with dst short test support, which runs on the drive every time when the computer is trying to boot Windows up. You won't notice the test running until something went wrong with the hard drive, which generates the error showing dst short test failed with a specific error code, like the most frequent ones, 0141, 0142, 0146, etc.

It's not a good sign to see dst short test failed error on your laptops or notebooks, especially those of HP brand. Next, we're going to explain the symptoms and consequences accompanying the hard disk dst short test failure.


Let's begin to learn what dst short test failure looks like with a real user story.

"I did a diagnostic on my hard drive that won't boot properly these days, and found that dst short test failed along with a suggested solution: error code 0142, error code 2000-0142, hard drive 0 - self test unsuccessful. Status 79. I have a screenshot of the exact error information."

dst short test failed 2000-0142

When dst short test failure message prompted, your computer will then start malfunctioning in the following ways.

  • Computer stopped working, with all things became oddly sluggish.
  • Computer keeps restarting and the hard drive light flashing intermittently.
  • Computer hard drive won't boot at all, with a blank screen showing up.


You can only except bad results from what the dst short test has signaled. Since it failed to test the hard drive's health, your hard disk seems to reach the end of its life. It's time to diagnose and repair hardware issues, or even worse replace the hard drive that is failing or has failed. 

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How to fix hard disk dst short test failed issue?

Let's take some conservative treatment before giving up this hard disk that is feeling unwell at the moment. So, apply the troubleshooting solutions in consequence one by one with or without hard drive repair software's help.

Fix 1. Check and repair hard drive bad sectors

This troubleshooting method will take effect by using a third-party free partition manager called EaseUS Partition Master. Its check partition feature is good at checking and repairing hard drive bad sectors, which are the main factors to fail a hard drive performance.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master on your PC. Right-click the hard drive partition where dst short test failed and select Check Partition.

select check partition to fix dst short test failed issue

Step 2. On the Check partition window, you got 3 options to go: Check Partition Properties, Call Windows Chkdsk to fix errors & Surface Test. Tick the first two terms. Check partition is for checking file system errors, while Call Windows Chkdsk.exe will fix errors if it found some. Click OK.

repair hard drive bad sectors to fix dst short test failed issue

Step 3. Wait patiently for Windows chkdsk utility finding and repairing the hard drive bad sectors for you.

Fix 2. Scan and fix hard drive for errors

You require a Windows recovery CD or USB drive to perform this fix in the Windows Repair environment.

Step 1. Boot Windows from the recovery drive and press R at the repair Windows screen.

Step 2. Run Command Prompt as Administrator. Type chkdsk c:/p/r and press Enter. This command is for scanning hard drive errors. Type exit when it's done and reboot.

Fix 3. Restore system to an earlier point

Things become harder if your arrived at the third fix. If none of the previous two hard drive repair methods help get rid of dst short test failure due to system and hard drive corruption, it's time to restore your system to an earlier state point.

For EaseUS free backup software customers, click the link to learn how to restore the system from system backup image. Whereas, for the rest of you who don't use third-party backup and recovery software, do a system restore like this.

Step 1. Navigate to Control Panel and open System.

Step 2. Click System protection, under System Properties, click System Restore.

Step 3. Follow the wizard to select a restore point you prefer. By going to the earlier system state, you should probably fix the dst short test failure issue brought by system issues.

Fix 4. Swap hard drive

Sadly to bring you to the last resort. If all attempts failed, it means that your hard drive has utterly failed and its lifespan ended. Go and pick up another fancy hard drive and replace the failed one.

When installing the new drive on Windows, you need to partition and format hard drive in order to reinstall Windows operating system on it. Hope the dst short test always sends good sign on your new drive.