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Solved: Getting Files Ready for Installation Stuck at 0%, 1%, 10%, 100%

Updated on Dec 10, 2018 by Brithny to Partition Manager

Getting files ready for installation gets stuck at 0%, 1%, 10% or 100%. How to deal with the frozen installation process? Follow the offered methods to fix the windows installation stuck error with ease and successfully install your Windows 10/8/7.

Getting Files Ready for Installation Stuck at 0%, 1%, 10%, 100%...

Recently, many Windows users are complaining the "getting files ready for installation stuck" issue. During the installation process, the problem starts when it came to "getting files ready for installation" at 0%, 1%, 10% or 100%. 

Case 1. "I have built a brand new pc and now installing Windows. Yesterday the installation was stuck at 92% of the "Getting files ready for installation" stage. Then I tried it this morning, it got stuck again. This time, it is at 0%. Now every time I try, it's getting stuck at "Getting files ready for installation" stage."

Case 2. "Just built a custom pc that works with windows 10. Every time I try to install windows 10, it goes through with the process but stops at 75 - 76% on the "Getting files ready for installation" screen. Please help."

Have you ever been faced with the "Windows 10 gets stuck at getting files ready for installation" issues? Does your installation process stuck at 0%, 1%, 10% or 100%? Follow the try-and-true methods to fix the installation stuck issue.

Method One. Do Nothing but Wait

As a reminder, Microsoft recommends users wait until the installation completes before taking further action. When your computer shows you the screen of “Getting files ready”, your system may be dealing with some tasks in the background. It may take some time for your system to finish these jobs. So if you want your computer to boot normally, the first thing you can try is to wait. We advise you to wait no more than 2-3 hours before you cancel.

Method Two. Disconnect Any Peripherals

Make sure you've disconnected any non-essential hardware and unplug all hard drives other than the C: drive. Yank that external hard drive, disconnect peripherals that aren't absolutely necessary, including extra monitors, smart card readers, weird keyboards, whatever. If possible, consider turning off Wi-Fi and plugging into a router with a LAN cable (that worked for me). Then try running the upgrade again.

Method Three. Try Booting Your Computer in Safe Mode

  • Hold the Power Button down for five seconds or until the computer shuts down.
  • Press the Power button again to turn it on.
  • The PD should say Windows failed to start or something along those lines.
  • Choose Advanced Repair Options > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Start up Settings.
  • Click Restart and choose Safe Mode to enter safe mode.
  • Log in and then reboot.

boot your computer in safe mode

Method Four. Clean Up Extremely Large Files and Junk Files and Do Installation Later

After you have tried method three, you are suggested to clean up the junk files and then try to clean install Windows 10 later. 
Do not let Microsoft accomplish the cleaning, which is basically time-consuming. Just put the ongoing upgrading to a halt, and use EaseUS partition magic software to wipe hard drive clean. Download the software and learn how to clean up large files. 

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 Windows 10 is supported


Step 1: Launch EaseUS Partition Master in Windows PC. Select "Tools" and click "System Optimization".

select system optimize

Step 2:Choose the right feature - Large File Cleanup that you need to locate, find and delete large files from PC.

select the partition that has large files

Step 3: Select the drive and click "Scan" to let the program locate, find all large files on your disk.

click scan

Step 4: Identify and select useless large files and click "Delete" to remove those files from your PC or laptop. A message tells you this process will permanently delete the files, click "Yes" to start the process.

start to delete large files

Method Five. Take Your PC to a Microsoft Store Nearby

If none of the methods work for you, bring your PC to Microsoft Store and let the engineer do the installation. This should be the most convenient and effective way to solve your getting files ready for installation gets stuck at 0%, 1%, 10% or 100% issue.