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Download Windows 10 Builds 14393.105/14393.103 ISO (KB3176938)

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Important notice: Low disk space error may occur when you try to download and install kb3176938 onto your computer. Don't let Windows 10 update error happen midway. EaseUS partition magic software is always ready for users to extend system partition to eliminate the worry of insufficient disk space while installing the update files.

EaseUS Partition Master

Direct Download Links for Windows 10 KB3176938 OS Builds 14393.103 & 14393.105

Windows 10 os build 14393.103 was released on August 25 with cumulative update kb3176938, which is now re-released, bringing os build number to 14393.105. Still, a few improvements are included in this new update, and quite a lot of noticeable bugs were fixed. If you're still experiencing poweroff button inaccessibility and PC freezing issues, directly download build 14393.103 or 14393.105 ISO and KB3176938 CAB files and install the updates on your computer, to avoid automatic download problems via Windows Update and KB3176938 fails to install or stuck error.

Direct Download Links:

Windows 10, version 1607 with update 14393.103 (x86-x64).iso

x64 iso: 3.27GB
x68 iso: 2.59GB

Windows 10, version 1607 with update 14393.105 (x86-x64).iso

x64 iso: 3.26GB
x68 iso: 2.61GB

Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3176938 CAB Files Download

Windows 10 Build 14393.105 32-bit
Windows 10 Build 14393.105 64-bit

How to Install Cumulative Update KB3176938 CAB Files on Windows 10

Following steps tell users how they install KB3176938 CAB files to upgrade to Windows 10 build 14393.103 or 14393.105 on their Windows 10 computers.

step 1. Download the CAB files x86/x64 depending upon the OS architecture.

Step 2. Rename file to KBnumber.сab (here should be KB3176938.cab).

Step 3. Copy to folder C:\.

Step 4. Run Command Prompt as admin (right-click on "Windows" icon and choose "Option"). Check the image above.

Step 5. Enter the command Start /w Pkgmgr /ip /m:c:\KB3176938.сab /quiet.

Step 6. This installs the KB3176938 CAB File in stealth or quiet mode without any UI prompt. Your devices will restart once the installation is over. Else you may need to restart your PC

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