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Disk Copy VS Disk image

Updated on Apr 02, 2019 by Daisy to Partition Manager

Maybe you have used many data backup software through disk image method, why not try disk copy? It is much better than disk image that keeps your data exactly same as the original one.

People always use disk backup software such as Ghost, Genie Backup Manager, Carbonite, etc. However, they are just backup existing system readable data on the partition, and they can hardly store the content the same as the origin one.

And there is a big problem, people always complain that if they used too much disk image to backup or store the file, their disks will be badly hurt. There is no technical support about this issue, though fewer and fewer people get any interested in using this kind of backup software, yet they have to use it until their disk crashed and all data is gone.

The only advantage of it is: compared with the original data, the backed-up data looks the same.

In technique field, the disk image is just a basic file copy; it just copies all existing system-readable files from one partition/disk to another. Once it meets a bad sector, the copy procedure will be stopped and you can never make a backup by those tools.

According to this kind of situation, here comes the advanced disk copy technique, sector by sector disk copy.

As we already knew, once data was deleted, it is still there waiting for overwriting, but the system can not read yet. That's why you can make data recovery by special data recovery software. To explain sector by sector disk copy in a simple way is that everything on disk will be backed up, yes, everything. So the copy will be exactly the same as the original data, even you meet bad sector issue, it can not stop the step of the procedure. LOL, but the backup disk will not form a bad sector, just a blank one.

Here are some advantages of disk copy:

1. data keeps exactly the same.

2. faster speed than a disk image. We once have a test: use Ghost to clone a partition in which there are 1.5 GB files, Ghost costs us 5 minutes; while use disk copy to backup 80GB disk, it only costs us 60 minutes. About half time of Ghost.

3. the price of the hard disk is so cheap. A common 250G disk is only $100 around recently. Do we need any compression when backup data? Of course no. To avoid data loss, no compression is needed.

And from now on, we can give up the disk image, use disk copy instead.

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