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Fix 'Deleting Files Doesn't Free Up Space' Error in Windows 10/8/7

Posted on Sep 19, 2017 by Tracy King to Partition Manager

Can't free up storage space on your PC or storage devices by deleting files in Windows 10, 8 or 7? This page will show you three reliable ways to help you effectively free up space on Windows disk, hard drive, USB or SD card etc devices without deleting any files. Follow to see how to fix 'deleting files not free up space' error and upgrade your storage devices with more available space now.

Why deleting files doesn't free up space on Windows disk/external hard drive/USB?

"Hi guys, have you ever met this problem that the Windows hard drive or storage devices became full and you tried to delete or remove files from it so to free up more available space, but nothing worked? 
I got this problem on my computer partitions E: and F:. I planned to remove the useless files from both partitions so that I can get more free available space back. It turned out that nothing changed.
The space is still occupied after I deleting many files.
Why is that? And what else I can do to free up space on my disk?

It seems that it's no longer a new problem for users to meet this issue that even when they've already deleted files, the drive still shows occupied with no extra available free space. So how to fix this issue and get free space back on your device? Relax! Just follow below tips offered in this page and you'll be able to fix 'deleting files not free up space' error and free up space on Windows disk, external hard drive, USB, SD etc devices with ease now.

Note: In order to avoid unexpected data loss issue while freeing up space on your devices, please backup important data or remove saved files to other spot first.

How to fix 'deleting files not freeing up space' error on hard disk/USB etc devices?

Here in this part, you'll find three recommended methods to effectively free up disk space in Windows 10/8/7 now:

Method 1. Run partition manager freeware to free up space on USB/SD/hard drive

Professional partition manager freeware - EaseUS Partition Master Free supports you to effectively free up space on Windows hard drive, partition or external storage devices with two reliable options. You may try either option to free up available space on your drive now:

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 Windows 10 is supported

Option 1. Free up space by cleaning junk files and large files

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free and click Cleanup and Optimization
Then choose Junk File Cleanup or Large File Cleanup.

2. Then you can click Analyze to let EaseUS Partition Master find junk files or big files on your PC.

Find junk files and large files on PC.

3. You can check and choose junk files and click Clean up.
All selected junk files or useless big files will be cleaned and thoroughly deleted from your PC then. 
Delete and remove large/junk files to free up space on disk.

Option 2. Free up space by erasing disk/devices in Windows

Step 1.Launch EaseUS free hard drive erase software. Select the hard disk you want to wipe, right click and choose "Wipe data".

Wipe data to free up space on disk.

Step 2.Set the number of times to wipe the hard disk (10 times at most) and click "OK".
If the hard disk contains system partition, your system will fail to boot after wiping the disk.

Wipe data on disk to free up available space.

Step 3.A dialog box will pop up as "A computer restart after disk erase is recommended". 
Click "OK". You will see the wiped hard disk becomes unallocated space on the disk map.
Finally, click Apply to complete all process.

Free up space by wiping data on storage devices and disk.

Method 2. Run CMD to erase/clean drive/SD/USB

DiskPart with CMD command line also allows you to erase all data and free up disk space on your storage devices. Let's see how to use DiskPart to clean disk and free space on your drive now:

Step 1. Right-click the Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin);
Step 2. Sign in with your account and password, type: diskpart and hit Enter;
Step 3. Type: c:\windows\SYSTEM32\cleanmgr.exe/dDrive and hit Enter; (Replace dwith the drive letter of your disk or device.)
Then the selected partition or device will be cleaned up automatically.

Method 3. Use DiskPart to clean disk and free up space

1. Right-click Start button and select Command Prompt;
2. Type:diskpart in Command Prompt and hit Enter;

Use diskpart to free up disk sapce.

3. Type: list disk and hit Enter;

Select disk/device to free up space.

4. Type: select disk 2 and hit Enter; (Replace 2 with the disk number of your device.)

Free up disk space by diskpart.

5. Type: clean and hit Enter;

Clean to free up disk space by DiskPart command.

Wait for the process complete till the message 'DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk' popped up.
Type: exit and hit Enter to close DiskPart.