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Solutions: C Drive Is Full After Windows 10 Update

Updated on Dec 19, 2017 by Brithny to Partition Manager

Is your C drive full after Windows 10 update? Is your local disk C suddenly full without reason? You are in the right place. With the help of EaseUS Partition Manager, you will get the suitable solutions for your problem. Now, Let's see how to fix C drive full after Windows 10 update right now!

Windows 10 C Drive Is Full After Windows Upgrade

"After upgrading to windows 10, I have performed a system restore to have a clean system. After the reboot, my C drive is almost full. I go to the settings, system, storage, to see what is exactly occupying space. I find that my "other" storage category is occupying 399 GB, while the contents of the folder only hold less than 110 GB. Can someone help me free this space from my C drive? Thanks, in advance!"

How to Fix C Drive Full After Windows 10 Update?

When you are faced with this kind of situation, you might be very worried. Just relax! Here, we will provide two solutions for you. Read on to know more details on how to solve full C drive case as soon as possible.

Solution 1. Free Up C Drive Space in Windows 10

The first thing you need to do is to check your partition and free up your C drive space in Windows 10 when you are bothered by the full C drive. Before you perform the operations, you need a free tool to help you.

Professional partition freeware - EaseUS Partition Master Free enables you to effectively free up space on Windows partition, hard drive, or external storage devices with two reliable options. You may try either option to free up C drive space on your computer now.

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 Windows 10 is supported

Step 1. Check Your C Drive First

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free and right-click the C drive to check by clicking "Check partition".

check your c drive before you take actions

2. Choose the way that you want to use to check partition: Check Partition Properties, Call Windows Chkdsk to fix errors, Surface Test, and click OK.

select the option that you want to check for your c drive

3. Let EaseUS Partition Master Free automatically check your C dive errors and repair errors for you. Then click OK to finish the process.

let the tool automatically check your c drive

Step 2. Clean up Junk Files to Free up C Dive

1. Open EaseUS Partition Master Free and click "Cleanup and Optimization". Then choose "Junk File Cleanup".

2. Click "Analyze" to let EaseUS partition tool to find junk files on your PC.

clean the junk files to fix full c drive after windows 10 update

3. Check and choose the junk files you want to clear up and then click "Clean up".

While you have clean up C drive, you can also increase C drive space to fix this problem with ease.

Solution 2. Fix C Drive Full After Windows 10 Update by Increasing C Drive Space

It is pretty easy to increase your C drive space as long as you have EaseUS's help. Now, follow the simple directions to add space to C drive.

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 Windows 10 is supported

1. Again, open EaseUS Partition Master.

open the tool to increase c drive

2. Use "Resize/Move partition" to shrink partition the partition to make unallocated space for partition C.

resize your c drive

3. Increase C: drive with "Resize/Move partition" function.

move the space to increase your c drive

4. Click Apply.