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How to Wipe Disk Data to Protect Privacy

Updated on Dec 12, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Master Guide

Wipe disk to erase all contents permanently and protect your privace & sensitive data safely.

EaseUS Partition Master provides Wipe Disk feature to erase all disk data permanently. It is used to completely wipe out all the data on hard disk by overwriting the existing data. Once the wipe operation is carried out, the data will not be recovered by any data recovery software. If the number of times to wipe hard disk is set to 10, the data will never be recovered by any solution.

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 Windows 10 is supported

How to wipe data on a disk/partition


Step 1: Launch EaseUS Partition Master, right-click the partition you want to erase data from, and choose "Wipe Data".

Wipe Partition - Step 1

Step 2: In the new window, set the time for which you want to wipe your partition, then click "OK".

Wipe Partition - Step 2

Step 3: Click the "Execute Operation" button in the top-right corner, check the changes, then click "Apply" to wipe the data on your partition.

Wipe Partition - Step 3