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How to Copy Dynamic Volume?

Updated on Nov 29, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Master Guide

EaseUS Partition Master can clone/copy dynamic volume to basic disk or convert dynamic disk to basic disk safely, then you can repartition/resize dynamic voume on this basic disk easily.

EaseUS Partition Master supports to copy dynamic volume, including simple volume, mirrored volume, striped volume, spanned volume and RAID-5 volume.

Download EaseUS Partition Master and install it. After that, launch EaseUS Partition Master.

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 Windows 10 is supported


Step 1: Locate the dynamic volume

EaseUS Partition Master displays your disk volumes information. Find the dynamic volume, right-click on it and choose "Clone".

choose the source volume

Step 2: Choose a destination

Choose unallocated space on a disk, which should be large enough to hold the source disk data. Click "Next".

choose the destination volume

Step 3: Preview disk layout

You can preview the disk layout of both the source disk and the destination disk. Also, you can resize the volume before proceeding. Click "OK".

preview disk layout

Step 4: Apply changes

Click the "Execute Operation" button on the home menu and then "Apply". 

apply changes

After rebooting and completing the operation, EaseUS Partition Master will shut down the computer automatically. Replace the source dynamic disk that contains the system volume with the destination basic disk, and then boot the computer. (You may see the copy of C: partition has been extended.)