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How to Convert Logical Partition to Primary Partition

Daisy updated on Dec 30, 2020 Partition Master Guide | How-to Articles

"I want to convert a logical partition to primary partition, but I cannot find any function is available in Disk Management. Is there a way to convert logical partition to primary partition without data loss?"

The answer is yes, partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master, its convert logical partition to primary partition is available. Just by one click, it can convert logical partition to primary partition without data loss.

How to convert logical partition to primary partition

Download EaseUS Partition Master and install it. After that, follow the steps below to change your logical partition to the primary partition.


Step 1: Install and open EaseUS Partition Master. 

open EaseUS Partition Master

Step 2: Select the drive that you want to change and right-click it. Choose "Convert to Primary", then a pending operation will be added. 

convert logical to primary

Step 3: Click the "Execute 1 Operation" button and click "Apply" to execute the operation. This process needs a computer reboot. So store your crucial files previously to avoid data loss. 

convert logical to primary

If there are three primary partitions and more than one logical partition, you cannot convert anyone logical partition to primary partition. Because of MBR hard disk limitations, either up to four primary partitions or up to three primary partitions plus an extended partition can be created on each basic MBR hard disk.


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