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How to Recover Deleted Nikon RAW .NEF .NRW Photos on Mac

Posted by Daisy to Mac Photo Recovery 2016-08-18


Here are steps to recover deleted Nikon raw .NEF, .NRW photos on Mac OS X with EaseUS Mac data recovery software. You can read to learn and have a try!

There are many Nikon camera users ask way to recover deleted Nikon raw .NEF, .NRW photos on Mac. So here we will talk about it in this page. You can read to learn complete solution for this problem. First you may interested in something about Nikon camera.

Nikon is one of world class camera manufacturers. Nikon cameras use its unique file formats .NEF, and .NRW which are the closet to "raw" data to produce large, highly modifiable images. For many users like to keep their photos in SD, XD and MMC cards that inside the digital camaeras, once these files get corrupted, deleted or destroyed, you need to find a powerful software to recover deleted Nikon raw .NEF, .NRW photos.

Guide to recover deleted Nikon RAW .NEF .NRW photos on Mac

Here Mac data recovery software is a nice choice. It is quite efficient for deleted Nikon RAW .NEF .NRW photo recovery. By scanning your camera quickly, it can help you find your lost photos easily. What's more, the software is absolutely safe. It will not do any damage to your data or camera. Next you can read to learn the detailed steps.

Step 1. Scan to find lost files in Mac OS X

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac and connect your Nikon camera or memory card to your computer. , Then select the file types you want to find. Next choose the camera where you lost your data and click "Scan" to find the lost photos.

Scan Nikon camera to recover deleted Nikon raw .NEF, .NRW photos on Mac

Step 2. Preview and recover deleted Nikon raw .NEF, .NRW photos

After scan, all the lost pictures will be found and displayed on the left side. You can choose to list them according to path, types or create time, then it is easier for you to find and preview the recoverable files you want to retrieve. Finally, mark those photos and click "Recover" to selectively get them back.

Recover deleted Nikon raw .NEF, .NRW photos on Mac

Just follow the above guide step-by-step to recover your deleted Nikon raw .NEF, .NRW photos on Mac as soon as possible. As your lost pictures can be overwritten by the new data at any time, you'd better stop to using your camera at once after you losing your photos.

Finally to help you avoid terrible data loss, here we conclude some common causes of data loss on digital camera. Hope it is helpful!

  • Accidental formatting the camera memory card
  • Accident files deletion
  • Improper insertion or removal camera memory card
  • File formats damage