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All New features about Apple's New MacBook

Posted on Mar 12, 2015 by Abby Haines to Mac File Recovery


Apple on Monday revealed its new MacBook. This page introduces you all the new features you want to know about the new device.

Apple on Monday revealed its newest MacBook. The new device is Apple's thinnest laptop ever and includes Retina Display, a new touch-sensitive trackpad and a new port for data transfer and charging in a single connector. Now let's look what new features the new Macbook comes with. 

The new MacBook

New features about the new MacBook


Apple's new MacBook laptop is thinner and lighter than the 11-inch Air. The device is 24 percent thinner than an 11-inch MacBook Air laptop, previously the company's thinnest laptop. The new device is 2 pounds and 13.1 millimeters thick, compared with the 2.38 pound 11-inch MacBook Air, it has a 67 percent smaller logic board.


The new MacBook includes a 12-inch Retina Display with a bigger, higher-resolution display. Equipped with a comfortable, full-size and much thinner keyboard, it can offer users a great notebook experience. The new device uses Intel's new low-power Core M processor, which contributes to a longer battery life and a thinner design than past generations of similar Intel chips.

The new MacBook comes with full-size, much thinner and accurate keyboard


We know people always rely on Apple notebooks for all-day battery life. This times, Apple did not let people down. The device promise users All-day battery life by deploying unique battery technology. The new MacBook now offers up to nine hours for wireless Web browsing. 


The new MacBook is fully equipped for a wireless world. It has two ports on the new MacBook: a headphone jack and the reversible USB port that's about to become the standard for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and everything else USB. The Type-C connector will funnel everything into and out of this new notebook, serving as its power supply and, with the requisite adapters, wired internet port, its HDMI video output, and its SD card reader.

The new MacBook is fully equipped for a wireless world


Every Mac comes with apps for creativity and apps for productivity. The new MacBook also comes with a collection of great apps for things users do every day, like surfing the web, sending mail and messages, and organizing calendar. It even comes with an app for finding new apps. 

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Now you have known almost all the new features about the new MacBook. The device starts at $1,299 and ships beginning April 10 in three colors: silver, space gray and gold. You can decide whether you want to invest one. And if you need any data backup or data recovery help when you upgrade your laptop to the new MacBook, you can visit EaseUS Software to find a solution.