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When using your Macbook Pro on a day to day basis, over time unused files, duplicate files, temporary files and binaries build up in the system and begin to slow it down. When this happens you can use a Mac cleanup utility to look for these unnecessary files and remove them which will optimize your Mac and return it to a much higher level of performance.

It is of course possible to go through all of your files manually and remove them without the need for a Mac cleanup utility. However, this is a highly time consuming and extremely tedious task to undertake and it would mean risking human error when comparing and removing files. Using a Macbook Pro cleanup program is a much safer way to clean up your Mac Operating Systems and improve overall performance.

Macbook Pro cleaner – EaseUS CleanGenius to clear out rubbish

One popular Mac cleanup utility which is available is EaseUS CleanGenius. EaseUS CleanGenius from EaseUS Software. The program runs a search to identify and then remove any junk files which could be slowing down your Macbook Pro and returns your operating system to its optimum conditions.

EaseUS CleanGenius is an easy-to-use cleaning application to make your Mac faster. Just by one-click, it will start to remove the junk files like System Caches, System Logs, User Logs, User Downloads, Trash, Safari Internet Cache, etc. Besides the cleaning function of Macbook Pro, it also can:

Monitor free disk space

It would give you an overview of your hard disk, not only the internal HDD but also all mounted drives. If your hard disk of Macbook Pro is running low, EaseUS CleanGenius would give you a red alarm. When this red alarm appears, you should do some cleaning work and eliminate what is of no use but also eat up large amounts of disk space.

Browser Plug-ins Cleanup

Support to clean up and remove browsers such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox plugins, cache, and cookies. Your browsing histories,  bookmarks  and downloaded files won't be cleaned.

Removable Device Monitor

The software will monitor your every event of inserting or ejecting the external storage device; it will notice you in the Tray Icon section each time. Drives information are updated in real time.

Disk Ejector

Safely eject your mounted drives. External storage disks, CD and DVD disks, SuperDrive, network storage, disk images are all supported. It will also indicate you when mounting or ejecting a device has completed.

App Uninstaller

Uninstall the unwanted or unused applications.

Easy and simple

After installing EaseUS CleanGenius, one-click would get what slow down your Macbook Pro removed.

Macbook Pro cleaner software - EaseUS CleanGenius


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