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How to free memory by Mac memory freer?

Posted on Jul 07, 2015 by Daisy to Mac Cleanup Solution

When your mac memory is used up, you should use a mac memory freer to free up memory.

Does your Mac run slowly, sometimes turning your cursor into that darn spinning beach ball?  It may be because your running applications have used up all your memory. Your Mac often becomes boggled down by too many programs and files. A lack of memory space will cause problems with your Mac, including a slower running speed. From time to time, you will need to free up memory space on your Mac.

Which kind of things run out of the memory?

1. Use your Mac for many days or weeks without restarting it.

2. Run many applications simultaneously.

3. Open dozens of browser tabs or windows, or many large documents.

4. Use a web-based email program like Gmail.

How to free up memory?

The most thorough way to free up your Mac's memory is to perform a restart. But if you don't want to take the time for a full restart, here are some quicker things you can do to free up some memory and possibly speed up your Mac.

1. Close unneeded browser tabs or windows, especially the ones with long histories.

2. Close web-based email tabs and start a new session in a newly opened tab.

3. Quit and restart applications that have been heavily used

After one or more of those steps, you'll get closer to the memory conditions you had when you first turned on your computer. However, all of these steps above are intricate and inconvenient. Therefore, the third-party Mac memory freer is needed. EaseUS CleanGenius can free up Mac memory by one click without rebooting.

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