How to delete unwanted programs from Mac?

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It's different to uninstall app comparing with Windows.

Unlike Windows-based systems, Mac OS does not come with an Add/Remove Programs feature that will help you uninstall programs on Mac. You will say "It is quite simple to uninstall applications on Mac OS. You just need to move the application to the trash bin". Doing this, however, does not completely take care of uninstalling programs on Mac.

Two types of programs on Mac

To understand why, you need to know that programs on Mac computers are of two types; the bundled programs, which can be uninstalled just by moving them to the Trash bin, and the non-bundled programs, which can be uninstalled using the same method, but additional manual work is required to clean up after them. Many programs leave behind settings and other small files that continue to take up space on your hard drive. These must be cleared out as well to ensure that you efficiently uninstall programs on Mac.

You need a free Mac uninstaller to delete unwanted programs from Mac

Deleting unwanted program preferences, shortcuts, and support files that were installed along with the program is a manual process in your Mac. If you do not want to be bothered with all this, it is best to use third-party Mac uninstaller tools to uninstall both the non-bundled programs on Mac and clear associated files from your hard disk at the same time. Some of these tools are easy to use and come with search features that let you view a list of programs from which you can select the ones you want to delete, similar to the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool. While considering third-party tools for this purpose, do a search for freeware and open source tools. Some of these tools achieve excellent results and help you uninstall programs on Mac without draining your wallet. We recommend you to download EaseUS CleanGenius to use.

Why to choose EaseUS CleanGenius as the Mac uninstaller?

Ease of use, dedicated customer support, all-in-one concept, intuitive user interface - all of this makes CleanGenius an excellent Mac uninstall application. As besides the uninstaller tool it offers a whole bunch of must-have drive cleaners, and each of them perfectly does its own specific task. They can be activated together with one click and make your Mac even more efficient and powerful.

How to use it to uninstall unwanted programs from Mac?


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