How to Free up Space on Mac Startup Disk?

Tracy King posted on Jul 07, 2015 to Mac Cleanup Solution | How-to Articles

For most windows user, they used to clean up windows junks to speed up system running. For the Intel Mac users running Mac OSX, they may have no idea how to clean up their Mac OS X 10.7 startup disk. Here is one way may useful for you.

Clean up your startup item. In System Preferences, go to Accounts, click the Login Items tab. From there, make sure each application listed is something you need and use every day. You can select the unwanted application and click the minus (-) button to remove it from the list. The few apps in the login items, the better.

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Run Disk Utility (in Applications > Utilities) to verify and repair disk permissions, verify and repair the disk itself. These operations take some time, and you can't do them while other applications are running.

Your Mac stores lots of log files, most of which you never need to review. Open the Console application (in /Applications/Utilities), to see a list in the Console Messages window sidebar. You can delete many of these files without affecting your Mac, and you can save significant space, since some of these files can be quite large. Cache files consume a lot of space as well. If you do not revisit the same websites and run same applications every day, cache files will be a waste of disk space. Go to get the clean software, such as EaseUS CleanGenius. Then clean the log files and cache files routinely.

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Uninstall Unneeded Apps. Before you get to dragging and dropping unneeded applications to the trash, it's a good idea to remove the app by uninstaller program. Apple still hasn't included a proper uninstaller with Mac OS X. But the apps related files will not be removed when you just drag an application to the Trash. With the Uninstall Application function in EaseUS CleanGenius, the app core file, and related files such as support file, cache file and preference file can be removed completely.

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Free Space Monitor: Show total disk space & free disk space and warn you when disk space is running low, then you can clean your Mac in time to reclaim the wasted disk space.

"You can speed up your Mac computer by performing simple maintenance. Unfortunately, there isn't a fast and efficient way to do this natively in OS X. CleanGenius is a great all-in-one Mac cleanup utility that also combines a disk space monitor and disk ejector. It cleans junk files with one-click and is the easiest way we've found to keep your Mac clean and running smoothly with the performance you expect." More reviews...


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