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Tracy King posted on Jul 07, 2015 to Mac Cleanup Solution | How-to Articles

We all do it - save photos, documents, videos, music, etc. we like on our MacBook. The hard drive is almost full, and the computer is slow when accessing files or running applications. Running your MacBook with low disk space is not only pulling down system performance, but also putting your system at risk for a crash. Here's how to clean up your Mac hard drive and reclaim the wasted space to improve the system peformance.

1. Save all of your personal document files to disc.

2. Delete any personal document files that you haven't used from your hard drive.

3. Open iTunes and then delete any music you no longer play or like.

4. Open your email client and delete any old emails and sent emails.

5. Delete any unused applications you have downloaded or put on the MacBook since you purchased it. Leave the Mac system files alone, and don't delete any applications that came with the system. Next, delete any unused icons from your desktop.

6. Open Safari, click on "Edit," then "Empty Cache" to clear any saved web pages. In Internet Explorer, click "Tools," then "Internet Options," then "Delete" under "Browsing History." A menu will appear, and you can then choose to delete temporary Internet files and other files.

7. Empty the system trash.

8. Clear junk files, such as system logs, system caches, user logs, user caches. It is hard to locate these files if you are not expert. For common users, Mac disk cleaner is recommended highly. With the help of it, your system's junk files can be cleared out in seconds.EaseUS CleanGenius is such one.

Mac Disk Cleaner Features

1. Fast clean junk files such as system caches, system logs, user caches, user logs, trash, user download folder, etc in Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

2. Monitor free disk space and alarm you when disk space is running low.

3. Monitor all mounted drives. It would keep an eye on every mounted drives and display them out in graphic.

4. Eject the mounted devices, like external storage disks, CD and DVD disks, SuperDrive, network storage, disk images.

With EaseUS CleanGenius, you can safely remove gigabytes of junk and get a clean Mac for system optimization.

Free Mac Disk Cleaner - EaseUS CleanGenius

Editor reviewed EaseUS CleanGenius: "You can speed up your Mac computer by performing simple maintenance. Unfortunately, there isn't a fast and effecient way to do this natively in OS X. CleanGenius is a great all-in-one Mac cleanup utility that also combines a disk space monitor and disk ejector. It cleans junk files with one-click and is the easiest way we've found to keep your Mac clean and running smoothly with the performance you expect."


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EaseUS CleanGenius for Mac

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