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Every now and then, your Macs begin to feel a little sluggish. There are many potential reasons why: you tend to run 8 to 10 applications all the time - and sometimes push 15 or more. This alone will bog down any Mac.

You may restart your computer, and a simple restart will solve a lot of these woes.

Tips for Apple Mac system cleanup to restore your Macs to full speed

When those don't speed things up, you've found in fact a number of things that can be done to encourage Macintosh computer back to their youthful snappiness. Here are a few tips for Apple Mac system cleanup to restore my Macs to full speed.

1. Clean out Startup Items

For some apps you installed in you Mac, they just automatically (or when asked) set themselves as a "startup item", which causes them to open at every restart or login. You can find out what is in your startup items list by navigating to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items. You may be surprised at how many there are.

To remove them, simply select the item by clicking on its name and then hit the "minus" button at the bottom of the list. However, be sure that you know what you're removing; otherwise you may kill some critical function for the next time you restart.

2. Turn off Universal Access, Bluetooth, Speech Recognition, and Internet Sharing if you don't use them

Apple has generously included a number of very useful features as preferences. While System Preferences is open, take a look at a few other things. Some, however, may not be useful to you, such as Universal Access (which offers help for visually and hearing impaired users) or Bluetooth (which allows certain devices to be used wirelessly). If you don't use these features, verify that they are turned off. This will save you some valuable RAM and processor resources.

3. Check out what 'build' your software

If you're running an Intel Mac, some of your software may be running under the "Rosetta" translator, which allows applications built for a PowerPC processor to run on an Intel chip. Rosetta is surprisingly efficient, but don't use it if you don't have to! There may be a patch for your favorite application that will upgrade it to a "universal build". By making sure you're running the latest version you can be confident you're not using Rosetta in vain (a utility like the App Update widget will help with this).

4. Clean out unnecessary code

You're either running a PowerPC or Intel processor. You don't have to understand what this means, but you should know that, with both being options, most recent software comes programmed for both. But you don't need optimization for both - you only need optimization for your computer.

Apple Mac system cleanup utility to free disk space for you

As easy-to-use and system cleanup software, EaseUS CleanGenius is developed for Mac users in order to make their Mac run faster and perform better. Just click Clean, the system caches, user caches, system logs, user logs, user downloads, trash, and safari Internet Cache, etc. will be detected and removed in no time and you will experience smooth and speed again while using your Mac. EaseUS CleanGenius supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later.

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