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The best Carbon Copy Cloner alternative 2019

Updated on Jul 17, 2019 by Jean to Mac Backup and Recovery

Looking for the best alternative for Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) Mac in 2017? When you need a handy Mac hard disk copy and clone software to create daily backup, clone HDD/SSD, make bootable hard drive or sync files folders to anywhere you can easily access, here is your answer.

What's Carbon Copy Cloner?

In recent years, quite a large number of Mac computer users tend to use a piece of Mac backup software called Carbon Copy Cloner, which is also widely known as CCC. Strictly speaking, CCC is not only an essential tool for Mac data backup and restore, but also an indispensable assistant for the increasing demands of Mac hard drive copy, duplication and clone.

Carbon Copy Cloner Mac is highly spoken by its customers thanks to its intuitive interface that puts all of the most-used features at our fingertips, the integrated backup, scheduled tasks and cloning features into a single window and a simple mode that facilitates us to perform tasks without worrying about where to go.

Why do we introduce its alternative?

Since Carbon Copy Cloner brings us so much convenience, why do we still write this post to introduce the other similar software? Basically, it's because some unidentified problems that still don't have confirmed solutions to resolve. See some examples.

1_Carbon Copy Cloner failed to complete backup;
2_Carbon Copy Cloner cloned hard drive won't boot.
3_Carbon Copy Cloner authentication credentials failed.
4_Carbon Copy Cloner not working, hangs or sends errors when executing a certain task.

What's the best alternative of Carbon Copy Cloner?

When you unfortunately have trouble in using CCC properly and the customer service failed to rectify the problem, it's better to give it up and turn to a trustworthy alternative software.

With years of experience in the Mac industry, we're excided to introduce you a simple yet powerful Mac data backup, file synchronization and disk cloning program called EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac. As you can tell, besides the same features covered by Carbon Copy Cloner, the recommended software offers an additional feature that helps sync files and folders to anywhere you can access.

Get to know some general information of EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac

  • System requirement

support macOS Sierra and previous Mac OS X version starting from 10.9.

  • Noticeable features

# 1. Mac data backup: copy selected files, folders and apps data and save to somewhere as a backup.

create backup with carbon copy cloner alternative

# 2. Backup archive: make backup archive on schedule and compress backup files to save disk space.

create archive backup with carbon copy cloner alternative

# 3. File synchronization: select files or folders to synchronize and support one-way as well as bidirectional sync mode.

sync files folders with carbon copy cloner alternative

# 4. Disk clone: clone your source disk along with operating system and data to target disk, for example, clone Mac hard drive to SSD.