What Is Windows.old Folder and Is It Safe to Delete? [Guide 2023]

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What Is the Windows.old Folder?

Windows OS is one of the most used operating systems in the world, and the community has significantly acknowledged every iteration of the OS. With Windows 11 taking the mainstream systems slowly, people are looking forward to shifting their devices to the latest OS. As one shift to a new version of Windows, a record of the previous OS version is kept intact. This copy of the Windows old version is kept in a folder named the "Windows.old" folder.

The concept of creating a folder of the old version of Windows was introduced with Windows Vista. It is known to keep the files and data of the previous Windows OS. With the help of this folder, you can easily restore to the earlier version of the Windows OS if you are not satisfied with the new update.

In other situations, you might require this folder if you want to find a specific system file or folder not present in the new version. This folder, however, only stays in the device for 30 days. If the time extends beyond that, Windows automatically deletes the Windows old version folder from the device.

Where Is the Windows.old Folder Located?

You can find the "Windows.old" folder in the C:\ drive of your Windows computer. As this represents the system drive, the folder is present directly in the drive under the provided name. You can follow this file explorer navigation to find the Windows.old folder:

windows.old folder in c drive

On locating the folder in the C:\ drive, you can proceed to the "Users" folder to find your respective username and access the separate files and folders you want. You can also restore Windows.old Folder.

Is It Safe to Delete the Windows.old Folder?

It is entirely safe to delete Windows.old folder. The only complication involving this process is the question of requiring the folder. If you have no plans to shift to the older version of the Windows OS, you can easily delete the folder by accessing it in the respective navigation or other means.

Apart from saving some essential data from the previous version of Windows and providing a means of restoring the system to the Windows old version, there is no importance in this folder. So, you can easily delete the folder from your computer whenever required.

How to Delete the Windows.old Folder?

If you feel that Windows.old folder is taking up lots of space in the computer, you can consider deleting it. Talking about the process, two distinct methods can be practiced to delete Windows.old folder from your device permanently. Let's look ahead to learn more about the techniques for deleting such types of folders:

1. Using Windows Settings

Step 1. Open the "Settings" of your Windows computer by typing it in the search bar on the taskbar. As the Settings window opens, proceed to "System" from the options available.

open system settings

Step 2. Next, find the "Storage" option on the left taskbar of the computer. If the "Storage Sense" toggle is not turned on, you should turn it on for better storage management of your Windows computer. However, you must use the "Configure Storage Sense or run it now" option.

enable storage sense

Step 3. As you find yourselves in a new window, scroll down to see the "Free up space now" section and click the "Clean now" button under it. The files that are not required, including the "Windows.old" folder, are removed from the computer.

hit the clean now button

2. From File Explorer

Step 1. Start by opening the File Explorer from the taskbar and proceed to your "My Computer" folder. Locate the Local Disk (C:) drive there and right-click on it. Select "Properties" from the drop-down menu that opens.

open c drive properties

Step 2. Move to the "General" tab from the options provided in the next window. You must select the "Disk Clean-up" button to proceed next. Following this, you need to choose the "Clean up system files" option and wait for a window to display the list of files you can select to delete.

click on disk cleanup button

Step 3. As you find the list of files in the window, select the "Windows Update Cleanup" option in the list for deleting the Windows.old Folder, in specific. Click "OK" to continue with the clean-up. For confirmation, you can select the "Delete Files" option and conclude the process.

checkmark windows update cleanup option

Final Words

Windows.old Folder can be crucial when you need to restore your system to the previous Windows OS. If you have no such intention, there is no need to waste considerable storage space for the folder. This article has thus shown the right ways to help you delete the Windows.old Folder and save space on your computer.

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