What Is Intranet? Everything You Need to Kow about It

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Ever since their debut in the 1990s, intranets have evolved greatly. By expanding their initial domains, intranets can now be used for a variety of things, from corporate apps to social networking and more. Are you still unfamiliar with the term? Take a look below to learn "what is intranet," its uses, benefits, and more, all in the proceeding read.

What is Intranet

If you hear the term "intranet" for the first time, there is no need to fret. Intranet is a basic concept that is in many ways similar to the internet. While the internet provides a public network to everyone across the globe, an intranet is a private network, and access is often restricted. Only authorized people with the same Local Area Network (LAN) connection can gain access.

Coming a long way from their early uses for essential company information, intranets now feature a diversified network of platforms that can be customized. By setting up an intranet for your organization, you can connect multiple computers of your organization to each other to form a private connection.

Intranet offers a secure platform where employees, customers, and other authorized members can convey information and exchange ideas. Every computer within an intranet contains its specific IP address and is secured with firewalls and other security measures. This way, users on the internet cannot interfere with or breach an intranet connection and gain access to confidential information.

Use Cases of Intranet

Now that you know "what is intranet," it is time to learn what it can do. Here are some scenarios where using an intranet connection can come in handy:

  1. 1. Content Management System
  2. 2. Obtaining Confidential Information
  3. 3. Collaborating with Employees
  4. 4. Training and Internal Recruitment
  5. 5. Creating a Digital Workplace

1. Content Management System

Intranet can be effectively used to manage the content and information related to your organization. Using a private intranet network, you can easily manage and store documents or publish information across the corporation. Distributing data, planning, scheduling important events, and sharing knowledge can be done via intranets.

2. Obtaining Confidential Information

Often, people are reluctant to provide honest feedback or other suggestions in person. This can lead to problems going unnoticed by the management. Employees can anonymously submit their feedback, complaints, or suggestions using an intranet connection. Without any fear of ramifications, this can help build a positive and strong business environment.

3. Collaborating with Employees

Promoting collaboration and engagement within an enterprise is always a challenging task. An intranet connection can quickly solve this problem. With customized elements such as interactive forums and live chatting, employees can be provided with a centralized system for effective collaboration. This can promote teamwork and help build strong partnerships within your organization.

4. Training and Internal Recruitment

An intranet connection provides the perfect opportunity for training and internal recruitment. Due to the ease of sharing, any relevant training material and discussion can be posted for all employees to access. For new job listings and potential candidacies, the intranet provides an effective solution. It can also aid in submitting and sorting applications or informing the candidates about the status of their applications.

5. Creating a Digital Workplace

A significant use of intranet software is creating an approachable and user-friendly workspace. Particularly for dynamic enterprises, providing the staff with a range of integrated services that are available in a digital space is quite helpful. This can facilitate the integration of multiple technology systems into your organization, boosting productivity and improving collaboration.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Intranet

Wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of the intranet? Here are some of the key benefits and drawbacks of using intranet:


  • Intranet can significantly enhance collaboration among employees, contractors, and consumers.
  • Intranet makes it easy to store a magnitude of different file types and information, which are easily accessible to all involved parties
  • With an intranet connection, you can keep your confidential files secure without fearing data theft or breaching.
  • Intranet can significantly reduce costs spent on printing or other forms of data sharing.


  • Special training lessons are required for the staff to learn how to use the intranet connections.
  • Sometimes, data overloading may occur, which can confuse users.
  • Many intranet connections only work for personal computers and are not compatible with mobile phones.
  • Traditionally structured intranets often contain information in outdated formats, which can be difficult to find.

Internet vs. Intranet: Key Differences

Are you wondering about the difference between the internet and intranet? Here are some of the key differences between the two terms:

  Intranet Internet
Type of Network An intranet is a private network, and access is often restricted to authorized personnel. The internet is a public network and can be accessed by anyone.
Purpose The purpose of an intranet is to provide private and confidential information to relevant users within an organization. The internet is intended to provide information and offer communication services to all users.
Security Intranets offer increased security owing to their limited access and enhanced security measures. The internet is a global network with a higher chance of cyber-attacks and other security threats.
Users Intranets are private networks and hence feature a limited number of authorized users. As the internet is a public network, it features unlimited users.
Data and Information Intranets contain relevant information targeted toward a specific group. The availability of information on the internet is unlimited.
Traffic User traffic on the internet is extremely high due to a large number of users. User traffic on the internet is extremely high due to a large number of users.

Bottom Line

The intranet is a private network that holds massive potential and can play a pivotal role in your organization. From large enterprises to corporate sectors and social networking, the intranet finds its uses in a variety of ways. Now that you know "what is intranet" along with its various use cases, benefits, and drawbacks, you can determine if it provides the business-wide solution you were looking for.

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