WD Backup vs. Windows Backup - Which One to Choose

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Data backup is quite essential to protect critical information across your devices. While you keep data stored within a device, you always tend to create its backup to preserve everything in uncertain conditions. For this, multiple routes are adopted. However, Windows Backup has been considered among one of the best backup services to consider across Windows devices.

Furthermore, while different peripherals are made into utility through these sources, backups like WD Backup also help significantly in the process. This article covers an overview of WD Backup vs. Windows Backup. With the help of this analysis, you would be aware of taking a direction quickly.

What Is WD Backup

Many typical backup applications are utilized across the ecosystem, where people prefer diverse applications to their requirements. With its backup system, WD Backup has made a potential stance in the user base. Developed by Western Digital for protecting Windows hard drive data, its utility is quite simple and exquisite.

As you successfully install WD Backup across your computer and initiate Auto Backup, the data, including photos, music, videos, and files across the hard drive, are stored and backed up across the potential source set for backing up. With the help of this tool, you can potentially back up your data across HDD/SSD or Dropbox with ease.

The operation seems quite simple and is automatically managed with scheduled backups. This includes daily, weekly, monthly, and incremental backups. The variety is entirely sustainable; however, this backup system only restores data across the same Windows device where it is initialized. Furthermore, you cannot even change the system OS as the backup will only be restored across the one where the program was installed.

To keep notice of the utility of WD Backup, the service has no official support available. It still stands as one of the most trivial and exclusive sources of keeping backups of Windows computers with ease.

What Is Windows Backup

Windows Backup is a built-in backup service offered to Windows users exclusively. It seems pretty simple and definite about its utility across the computer. The incremental backups of the files stored across Libraries are automatically created and stored across different devices, ranging from an external hard drive to network sharing.

While you can also set up file/folder backups, the "Backup and Restore" option enables you to create system image backups which help restore system and data across the computer. While it is available across Windows 10, the process is absolute and similar to any other backup system. Windows Backup seems more reliable than other backup applications to be downloaded across the system.

You can also set up an automatic system of backing up your data regularly across the Windows Backup. While Windows support you in setting it up, you can effectively take this up and secure your data in a better way. The configuration is quite basic and absolute for Windows users, which makes it easy to use in all cases.

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WD Backup VS. Windows Backup

For this part, we shall hold a comparative discussion on WD Backup vs. Windows Backup for you. Are you confused between both terminologies? They indeed are different from each other in every way. It is best to see which function suits your conditions in a better way, for which we have highlighted the differences in detail:

WD Backup Windows Backup
This is a third-party backup application that needs to be downloaded. Windows Backup is available across the Windows computer by default.
Official support for this WD Backup has ended. It is still supported and enhanced by Microsoft Windows.
You can back up your data across cloud drives with this application, such as Dropbox. Windows Backup does not support backup to internal drives within the computer and cloud systems.
It only supports WD drives such as WD My Passport and My Book. Backs up different brands of external hard drives, including Seagate and SanDisk.


With that, we are done setting up a comprehensive overview of what WD Backup and Windows Backup are. Following the discussion, the comparative understanding of WD Backup vs. Windows Backup has offered you the right set of details that will allow you to set up the right backup system for your Windows accordingly.

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