Seagate External Hard Drive [Full Information]

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Seagate External Hard Drive Overview

With the development of information transformation, we need an external hard drive to store much more data. Most external hard drive users prefer Seagate external hard drives.

Seagate external hard drive is provided by Seagate Technology, which focuses on data storage, and supplies products for enterprises like external hard drives, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

Most Seagate external hard drives support a USB 3.0/2.0 port and can save data from Windows or Mac without additional software. Just connect Seagate external hard drive, and you can use it immediately. And some types of Seagate external hard drives support mobile phones.

What Can Seagate External Hard Drive do

Whether you are an enterprise user or an individual user, Seagate external hard drive can be of great help to you.

  • Seagate external hard drives can back up data and files very fast.
  • It is small and convenient for enterprise users to carry important information.
  • Seagate external hard drives can expand your computer's storage broadly.

Is Seagate External Hard Drive Good

The Seagate external hard drive is good, and we can see it does help many people with data issues.

  • Seagate external hard drives are small, have enough storage content, and are easy to carry.
  • Seagate external hard drives are mature products, and Seagate Technology provides after-sales service for you. If your Seagate external hard drive not working, they can take care of it for you.
  • Seagate external hard drives provide data encrypt, and it is reliable to save data./li>

If you want to learn more about the user experience of Seagate external hard drives, you can visit Quora to find topics that interest you.

Seagate External Hard Drive Capacity

Seagate external hard drives are divided into many series, most products support at least 1TB of memory, and 5TB is a big capacity. But some effects can support 20TB of memory.

Main Products of Seagate External Hard Drive

Here's a form to help you see the capacity of different products clearly.

main products of seagate external hard drive

There are seven series of Seagate external hard drives, and we list them and their capacity all for you.

How Long Do Seagate External Hard Drives Last

Every electronic device has a limited service life. Seagate external hard drives are supposed to use over 30,000 hours at least. It can keep working for 3 years, and if you can take care of it, 10 years' service is possible.

How to Maintain the Seagate External Hard Drive Correctly

We all want to keep our Seagate external hard drives working longer, so you should follow these rules:

  • Be gentle and keep it in a dry and ventilated environment.
  • Pay attention to the dust, you can buy some special cleaning staff.
  • After ejecting your Seagate external hard drive, pull it out.
  • Don't turn it on and off too often.

Treat your Seagate external hard drives well, and they can serve you long and well.

Seagate VS Western Digital, What Are the Difference

Seagate Technology and Western Digital are both giant companies in data storage. We will simply analyze Western Digital vs Seagate external hard drives.

  • Appearance: Both of their products are designed to be simple, most external hard drives are black, but they all provide color series. Western Digital likes to mix some scraggly elements, and Seagate likes knitting elements.
  • Capacity: Western external hard drives provide bigger storage space than Seagate, and G-RAID SHUTTLE 8 can provide 160TB of memory.
  • Speed: Seagate external hard drives can read and write data faster than Western Digital. But Western external hard drives have good stability and durability.
  • After-sale service: Both provide an excellent after-sale service, and Seagate delivers a rescue data recovery service for users if the data is lost accidentally.

When comparing two products, people may have different options. Just choose the one you like.


Whether you are a home user or an enterprise user, having an external hard drive is necessary, especially since it is a good idea for your data safety. You can save important documents or favorite films on your external hard drive easily and quickly.

Don't forget to back up and repair your external hard drives in time to keep your data safe. Try to use professional backup software and set a backup schedule.

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