What Is RDP? Introduction to Remote Desktop Protocol

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What Is RDP?

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a secure protocol through which a user can remotely access his desktop. Through this technical standard, a person can connect with a desktop remotely to open, edit, and share files or applications. For example, an employee working from home can use RDP to access essential files from his office.

what is rdp

Want to know more about what is RDP? It also enables the network administrators to detect and repair the problem on a desktop while being at a distance. To use this protocol, you would require to install RDP client software.

What Can You Do with RDP?

Now you know what is RDP, let's explore what you can do with RDP. Following are some of the benefits of RDP that can assist you in different aspects:

Benefit 1. Enhanced Productivity of Employees

Benefit 2. Increased Data Security

Benefit 3. Easy Access to Data

Benefit 4. Great Compatibility

Benefit 1. Enhanced Productivity of Employees

Employers of any organization are a building block for progress. RDP gives an opportunity to the employees to fulfill their tasks remotely if they can't be physically present. This will provide flexibility to your employers and enhance the workflow's productivity.

Benefit 2. Increased Data Security

Through remote desktop, the data will be stored in clouds with multi-layer security. Through technological improvements and advancements in RDP, the data will be encrypted to maximize the security level. Moreover, the safety systems in this protocol, like antimalware, tracking system, and antivirus, increase the data security to prevent unauthorized access.

Benefit 3. Easy Access to Data

Remote connections like Azure or AWS help to build cloud computing in a reliable environment. This helps to create centralized storage through which data can be accessed and managed efficiently. Moreover, RDP does not involve complicated procedures to access data from a system. Instead, a user can access the data from a smartphone by knowing the login credentials.

Benefit 4. Great Compatibility

RDP was initially developed for Windows users. However, now it can be operated on macOS easily. Thus, it offers excellent compatibility with all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

How Do I Create an RDP?

Once you are aware of what is RDPwe shall now proceed with discussing the steps of creating an RDP for your ease. Look over the steps in detail to know how you can easily process the complete method.

Step 1: Search and launch "Run" from the Start button and type "mstsc". Press the "OK" button and add the details related to your PC, such as the IP address of the server and username.

execute mstsc command

Step 2: At the Display tab, adjust the setting of Remote Desktop Size to full screen. Also, make the color settings "High Color (16 bit)."

change the display settings

Step 3: At the Local Resources tab, you can explore the options like remote audio and the clipboard. You can also check the keyboard shortcut interpretations from the Keyboard settings. Also, you can see the local devices and resource settings to access local printers.

adjust the local resources

Step 4: Next, tap on the "More" button in the Local devices and resources section. From there, enable the drivers you want to use during the remote session.

enable the required local resources

Step 5: Next, go to the Experience tab and select a connection speed to optimize your performance. Once done, navigate to the Advanced tab to connect from anywhere by configuring the RDP settings. Afterward, head to the General tab and save your RDP file by giving it a username.

select the performance speed for connection


1. Is RDP a VPN?

No, RDP and VPN are different technical standards. Through VPN, users can navigate to a secure network, whereas RDP enables remote access to a particular desktop.

2. Is RDP still used?

RDP is widely used to access desktop computers remotely. Currently, there are more than 4.5 million RDP servers on the internet used by various users.

3. Is RDP a Windows thing?

Most of the RDP users consider running Windows as the server of the system by using the dedicated Remote Desktop Service offered across it. Although Microsoft released RDP clients for macOS, iOS, and Android, they can connect to a Windows computer with the Remote Desktop. However, they cannot operate the other way around.


Many people think about what is RDP and its technical usage. This article has briefly discussed the importance and usage of RDP as a secured protocol used by many organizations. Moreover, you can also learn what is RDP and how to create an RDP easily through this guide without encountering complicated processes.

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