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Mac Erase Assistant Overview

When macOS Monterey was released in 2021, it came with many new features. One of the most notable features that gained popularity was Erase Assistant. It is similar to the Erase All Content and Settings feature present in iOS. Erase Assistant aids in the deletion of all data from your Mac.

If you want to sell your system or delete everything for a refreshing start, opting for Erase Assistant is a good idea. In simple words, it factory resets the system. However, it is vital to note that only T2 security chip Macs and Apple Silicons have the Erase Assistant feature. Besides, it is supported in macOS Monterey and later versions.

Mac Erase Assistant

What Can You Do with Erase Assistant on Mac

Erase Assistant offers a wide range of functions. For starters, it assists you in signing out of different Apple services like iCloud. Moreover, it removes settings, content, apps, and anything you might have installed.

With Erase Assistant, you can disable Activation Lock and Find My features. Besides, you can erase all volumes, user accounts, and related data. Here are more details on each:

  • Securely erase files & hard drive:  If you plan to give your Mac to someone or sell it off, with the Erase Assistant, you can securely erase or permanently delete sensitive files, such as personal or financial information. You can also choose to erase the entire hard drive securely.
  • Sign-out of Apple Services: Every Apple device is connected with an ID, and it is important that you are signed out of the device and unlinked from it.
  • Turns off Find My and Activation Lock: It is for those who receive your Mac and ensures you can no longer wipe the device. 
  • Deletes all the content and settings, and any apps that you installed.
  • If you are using Windows or Bootcamp along with Mac, it will also be deleted. Since it will erase all volumes, it will include everything else.
  • Erases all user accounts and their data i.e. if you have another user on that Mac, it will also be deleted.

Erase Assistant is a powerful tool to help you securely erase data from your Mac and external storage devices. It would be best to use this tool only when you are sure to hand over or sell your Mac to someone else.

How to Find Erase Assistant on Monterey and Ventura

Do you want to find Erase Assistant on your system? Here are the steps you need to follow for macOS Ventura

Step 1. Go to the Apple menu. Select System Settings from the drop-down system.

Open System Settings

Step 2. Click on General from the left-hand settings, followed by Transfer or Reset option from the right-hand sidebar.

Transfer or Reset

Step 3. Select Erase All Content and Settings options.

select to activate Mac Erase Assistant

Step 4. In Erase Assistant, enter your administrator information and click Unlock.

Step 5. Review items that will be removed in addition to your content and settings.

Erase All Content and Settings

Step 6: If your Mac has multiple user accounts,  select your account name, and click Continue, then follow the onscreen instructions. You will need to confirm.

Confirm Erase method

Finally, Mac will restart, and then it will get activated and ready for a new setup.

How to find Mac Erase Assistant on macOS Monterey? It is pretty simple to find it. You should click System Preferences, and you will see "Erase All Content and Settings".

how to find Erase Assistant on Monterey

Why Is Erase Assistant Not Supported on This Mac

Are you annoyed with the "Erase Assistant Is Not Supported on This Mac" error? Various reasons might lead to this error. Firstly, you need to check the macOS version you have. Remember that Erase Assistant is only supported in macOS Monterey and the later versions.

Apart from that, you also need to check your Mac model. Macs having the T2 security chip and Apple Silicon can use Erase Assistant. If you have an Intel-based Mac, Erase Assistant won't work.

However, if it still doesn't work, you can always opt for the factory resetting option. That will wipe out all data and bring your device to its original state.


Erase Assistant is an exciting addition to the macOS Monterey. It is similar to Erase all content and settings in the iOS. With Erase Assistant, users can eliminate all data that links the device back to the user. For instance, you can log out of Apple services, deactivate "Find My", etc.

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