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Seagate is a global leader that designed a variety of top-tier SSDs to meet the needs of gamers, content creators, and tech enthusiasts. It recently introduced Firecuda 540 SSD as the next-generation PCIe Gen5 technology to its drive line, which is thrilling news since Seagate's FireCuda product line is exclusively designed for games. In this article, we will introduce the complete information about Firecuda 540 SSD, including the SSD's overview and why you should choose it.

Firecuda 540 SSD

The Overview of Firecuda 540 SSD

Firecuda 540 SSD is designed for continuous, professional-level gaming and content creating, allowing users to push the envelope when gaming or producing content. With sequential read and write speeds both reaching up to 10,000 MB/s, it rounds out as one of the fastest and highest-performing M.2 2280 SSDs. As a four-lane PCI Express 5.0 SSD that communicates over the NVMe 2.0 protocol, FireCuda 540 offers fast speed and durability. It also features Micron's 232-layer TLC NAND flash and Phison's latest PS5026-E26 controller, which is significantly optimized for PCIe 5.0 SSDs. The Firecuda 540 SSD is perfectly compatible with PS5 consoles and can be used to upgrade PS5 SSD.

Furthermore, the FireCuda 540 offers up to 2000TB of total bytes written (TBW) and 1.8M mean time between failures (MTBF), which means gamers may write and delete up to 1TB of the drive capacity each day for five years. This SSD is plug-and-play compatible with all PCIe Gen5 motherboards and backward compatible with PCIe Gen4 and even Gen3. However, if you use it on PCIe Gen4 and even Gen3 motherboards, it will revert to those previous interfaces' maximum throughput, which loses the point of purchasing such a pioneer PCIe Gen5 SSD.

Below is the comprehensive specification table of Firecuda 540 SSD at two different storage capacities:

Specification Firecuda 540 SSD 1TB Firecuda 540 SSD 2TB
🧰Form Factor M.2 (2280) M.2 (2280)
🔗Interface PCIe Gen5 ×4 NVMe 2.0 PCIe Gen5 ×4 NVMe 2.0
🎞️Flash Memory 232-Layer Micron TLC 232-Layer Micron TLC
🛼Sequential Read Speed Up to 9,500 MB/s Up to 10,000 MB/s
🚁Sequential Write Speed Up to 8,500 MB/s Up to 10,000 MB/s
👨‍🔧Endurance 1,000 TBW 2,000 TBW
💵Current Price 189.99$ at Amazon 319.99$ at Amazon
🛠️Warranty 5 Years(3-year data rescue) 5 Years(3-year data rescue)

Purchase Link:

✅Pros of Firecuda 540 SSD

  • It delivers lightning-fast sequential read and write speeds in everyday work.
  • It provides a high TBW rate with solid software support included.
  • Outstanding all-round and sustained performance.
  • Reassuring five years warranty and 3-year data rescue service.

❌Cons of Firecuda 540 SSD

  • This drive doesn't have a heatsink in the box.
  • Compared to other new PCIe Gen5 SSDs, it is slightly slower.

For your reference, we will provide a comment that shares the opinion on the Firecuda 540 SSD:

Review from Tom's HardwareThe Seagate FireCuda 540 is a fast, reliable PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD that sets itself apart with an excellent warranty. The FireCuda's performance is also good to excellent across the board, including in sustained workloads, which helps gear this drive for future DirectStorage game titles.

If you want to check full information about Firecuda 540 SSD, you may like to hear the review from the EaseUS's editor:

EaseUS Editor's Review
The Seagate FireCuda 540 made a flash in the PCIe Gen5 SSD field, which is 17 times quicker than SATA-based SSDs and performs a up to 50% faster speed than Gen4 M.2 NVMe drives, which is one of the best PS5 SSDs. The drive also comes with Seagate's three-year Rescue Data Recovery Service plan and a five-year limited guarantee, providing peace of mind. It is optimized with DirectStorage software for an improved PC gaming experience. 

Should You Buy Firecuda 540 SSD?

After reviewing the above comprehensive information about Firecuda 540 SSD, are you considering spending money on this high-performing SSD? Hold on a while and read this section, which can help you figure out if you should buy Firecuda 540 SSD.

Who Will Need to Buy the Firecuda 540 SSD

  • Users who want SSD with continently fast sequential read and write speeds: If you wish for a sustained performance that enables you to have a shorter load time and a better experience.
  • Game enthusiasts who want to boost their gaming performance: A fast SSD will cut loading time and allows users to spend more time enjoying games with no lag.
  • Users who are looking for a high-performance-to-price PCIe Gen5 SSD: If your priority is the cost, Firecuda 540 SSD is an accessible PCIe Gen5 SSD that has a competitive price.
  • Users who want an SSD built to last: The FireCuda 540 provides up to 2000TB of total bytes written (TBW) and 1.8M mean time between failures (MTBF). 

Who Doesn't Need to Buy the Firecuda 540 SSD

  • Users who only want extra space for their game consoles: The Firecuda 540 SSD is an up-grade SSD. There are a variety of more enormous alternatives with more affordable prices in the market, which can significantly upgrade your storage space.
  • Users who can't accept a PCIe Gen5 SSD without a cooler: an ultimate-performance SSD like Firecuda 540 SSD has breakneck speed and tend to heat up under heavy work. In this case, effective heat dissipation is necessary and can help users keep the temperature under control.
  • Users without Gen 5-compatible high-end desktops: The FireCuda 540 is a PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD that can only deliver maximum throughput on the Gen 5-compatible motherboard.

EaseUS's editor has sorted out the value information in this part to make you make the right choice:

EaseUS Editor's Review
With the popularization of Gen 5 technology, it's time to invest in the future. Its high sequential speeds can lower the latency, while its surprising durability can last longer under heavy duty. However, you should use the heatsink in your motherboard or purchase an effective cooling solution. If you have the newest Gen 5 compatible desktop or want to build your desktop with a brand-new CPU and Gen 5 motherboard, Firecuda 540 SSD is sweet for you to try.


To sum up, we have introduced the basic specifications of Firecuda 540 SSD and analyzed whether you should buy it. Although Firecuda 540 SSD isn't the fastest PCIe Gen5 SSD, it has the highest durability among the Gen5 SSDs. With its three-year data rescue service and high TBW endurance rating, Firecuda 540 SSD can provide solid support and high overall performance, which makes it a decent choice with an appealing price. Post this article on your social media and share it with more users who are interested in Seagate's new PCIe Gen5 SSD:


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