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[2023 Full Guide] How to Turn off iPhone Activation Lock

sofia albert
Sofia Albert updated on Jan 06, 2023 to iPhone Unlocking Tips | How-to Articles

iCloud Activation Lock is a feature built-in Apple devices to prevent anyone from using your device without the owner's permission. Once the Activation Lock feature is enabled on your device, no one can activate your device unless entering the correct Apple ID and password.

Though this feature brings many benefits, it can sometimes be troublesome. If you plan to sell or buy a device with the Activation Lock enabled, you might need some tips and tricks to turn off the Activation Lock with or without the Apple ID and password.

Turn off Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad with Apple ID Password

Whether you know it or not, the Activation Lock is linked to the "Find My" feature. Once you enable the "Find My" feature on your iPhone or iPad, the Activation Lock will automatically turn on. Similarly, if you disable the "Find My" feature, the Activation Lock will also be disabled. 

You can turn off the "Find My" feature either on your device or on the web, depending on whether your device is with you or not. 

If your device is with you: 

Step 1. Open your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings.

Step 2. Tap [your name] > Find My > Find My iPhone, then toggle "Find My iPhone" off.

Step 3. When asked, enter your Apple ID and tap "Turn off."

Turn off Find My iPhone

If your device is not with you:

Step 1. Go to on a web browser.

Step 2. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password. 

Step 3. Click "Find iPhone" from the main screen.

Step 4. Click "All Devices" from the top of the page, then select your iPhone. 

Step 5. Click "Erase iPhone," and then click "Remove from Account."

Remove iPhone from iCloud account

Turn off Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad Without Apple ID Password

For second-hand iPhone or iPad users locked out of the Activation Lock, is it possible for them to turn off the iPhone Activation Lock without knowing the Apple ID and password?

Of course, there is. Likewise, you have two options for this purpose. Both options require this all-in-one iPhone unlocker software - EaseUS MobiUnlock to help. With EaseUS MobiUnlock, you can remove your device's screen passcode, Apple ID, Screen Time passcode, and Activation Lock. If you have a lot of iPhone passwords stored on your device, you can manage these passcodes to your preference. 

It currently offers two options to turn off Activation Lock on your device. Which to choose depends on whether you have access to the iPhone. Whichever way you choose to use it, first download this program on your computer.

If you have access to your iPhone:

Step 1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and launch EaseUS MobiUnlock. Select "Unlock Apple ID" from the home page to continue. 

Remove Activation Lock - Step 1

Step 2. Once your device is detected by our program, click "Start." Then, you'll need to install a firmware on your computer by following the on-screen instruction. Once done, click "Unlock Now."

Remove Activation Lock - Step 2

Step 3. A warning screen will popup to let you back up your device and confirm the unlock process, just do as it asks. 

Remove Activation Lock - Step 3

Step 4. Then, EaseUS MobiUnlock will help you remove the iCloud Activation Lock. Once it finishes, you can use your iPhone or iPad as usual. 

Remove Activation Lock - Step 4

If you don't have access to your iPhone:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch EaseUS MobiUnlock. Select "Bypass Activation Lock" to proceed.

Remove Activation Lock - Step 1

Step 2. Once your device is connected, click "Start." This will bring our Terms of Use, explaining the conditions that apply to your use of the service. Click "I Agree" and "Start" again to move to the next step.

Remove Activation Lock - Step 2

Step 3. Then, you'll need to jailbreak your device by following the Jailbreak tutorial given on the screen. Or you can jailbreak your device with other jailbreak tools instead.

Remove Activation Lock - Step 3

Step 4. After a successful jailbreak, click "Bypass" to start bypassing iCloud Activation Lock.

Remove Activation Lock - Step 4

Step 5. Once done, your iCloud Activation Lock of your iPhone or iPad will be successfully bypassed. 

Remove Activation Lock - Step 5

The Bottom Line

It is easy to turn off iPhone Activation Lock with the above-introduced solutions. If you remember your Apple ID and passcode, you can directly remove the Activation Lock from your device or remotely get the Activation Lock off via the iCloud page. While if you don't know the Apple ID and password, you'll need EaseUS MobiUnlock to help. With it, you no longer have to worry about being locked out of your iPhone or iPad. 


As you can see, there are many ways to turn off the Activtaion Lock on your iPhone or iPad. Do you want to know more questions about Activation Lock? If you do, here are some popular questions and answers to these questions for you to refer to.

Can restoring iPhone remove the Activation Lock?

The short answer is: NO. You can't remove the iCloud lock from your device by simply restoring your device. If you want to turn off Activation Lock, you'd better use one of the ways introduced in this guide. 

Which site is OK and trustworthy for unlocking my iCloud on an iPhone?

So far, we haven't found reliable sites for unlocking the iCloud account. If you want to unlock your iCloud account, first, you need to figure out the actual situation you're in. 

If you're not the original owner of your device: you can unlock your device via DNS bypass or using a third-party program like EaseUS MobiUnlock to do it. The steps of using DNS bypass have been detailed in our previous guide on removing Find My iPad Activation Lock without the previous owner

If you're the original owner: you can directly ask for the help of Apple Support. To do this, you can bring all the proof of purchase to the nearby Apple Store to ask for the help of a technician. 

How do I remove the Activation Lock on an Apple watch?

It is easy to remove the Activation Lock on an Apple watch. You'll need to prepare your Apple Watch and iPhone, and then you can follow Apple's official guide to get the job done without hassle. 



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