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How to Set iTunes Song as Ringtone


Myra updated on Apr 25, 2021 to iPhone Ringtone Making Tips | How-to Articles

One of the ways to set a custom ringtone on your iPhone is to use iTunes. To set an iTunes song as a ringtone for your iPhone, you first need to make your own ringtone using the audio file and then sync the tone to your iOS device. Although it's a little bit complicated, you can surely make any song your ringtone with it.

Apart from iTunes, there are also third-party iPhone ringtone makers that could help to turn a song into a ringtone. In case you need it, the way to make a song a ringtone using an iPhone ringtone creator is also provided.

How to Set iTunes Song as Ringtone

As mentioned above, the process to turn a song into a ringtone with iTunes is to make a custom ringtone first and then sync the tone to your iPhone. Therefore, follow the steps below carefully so that you can convert an iTunes song to a ringtone successfully.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click the "Device" button, select "Summary," and check "Manually manage music and videos."

Step 3. Go back to the iTunes library. 

Step 4. Find and right-click the song and choose "Song Info." In the new window, tap the "Options" tab.

Step 5. Make your favorite part of the song as a ringtone by setting the start and stop points.

Step 6. Go back to iTunes library again, select the original song, then tap "File" > "Convert" > "Create AAC Version." Afterward, you will see the reduced version of the song.

Step 8. Right-click the shortened version and choose "Show in Windows Explorer." 

Step 9. Copy and paste the song to your desktop and change the extension to .m4r.

Step 10. Now go back to the iTunes Library and delete the shortened version of the song: right-click the song, choose "Delete from Library" > "Delete Song" > "Move to Recycle Bin."

Step 11. Tap the "Tones" tab, drag and drop the ringtone from desktop to iTunes. By doing so, you can sync the ringtone to your iPhone.

Step 12. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap "Sounds & Haptics."

Step 13. Tap "Ringtone" and then tap the ringtone you just added to set it your iPhone ringtone.

How to set iTunes song as ringtone

How to Turn a Song into a Ringtone Without iTunes

Do you want to make a custom ringtone using a song on your PC? Have you ever wanted to convert a YouTube video into a ringtone? That's when using an iPhone ringtone maker is advisable.

Unlike using iTunes, it's quite easy to make your own ringtones using songs or other audio files with the help of an iPhone ringtone maker. You don't need to convert the audio format by yourself as in iTunes. What's more, such a tool enables you to add special effects to the ringtone to make it more personalized. Other than exporting the ringtone to your iPhone directly, you can also save the ringtone on your computer to share with others.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to make a song your ringtone with iTunes or an iPhone ringtone creator. Actually, there are also mobile apps that help to turn a song into a ringtone, like using Garageband. If you are interested in this way, you can search from the Internet and there will be many video tutorials available. Afterward, you can follow one of them to make a custom ringtone without a computer.