Restore Lost WeChat Photos/Videos/Audios on iPhone

Tracy King posted on Nov 08, 2016 to iPhone Data Recovery | How-to Articles


This tutorial article offers effective solutions to guide you effortlessly restore lost WeChat photos, videos or audios on iPhone. Follow to find out how to recover WeChat photos/videos/audios with ease now.

Help! Lost WeChat photos and videos on my iPhone!

"Hey there, do you have any solutions to help me restore all WeChat history including the photos, videos or audios on my iPhone? I love to save some wonderful photos and videos shared by my friends in WeChat to my iPhone. Yesterday, I tried to clean up WeChat history on my iPhone to release more available space to speed up the app. 
Later, I found that some photos, videos and audios were cleaned up together with the WeChat history. Is it possible for me to get the lost photos, videos and audios back again? How?

According to most WeChat users, it seems that it's no longer a new issue to lose precious WeChat photos, videos or audios after cleaning up WeChat history. If this problem has occurred to your phone, what will you do? Don't bother anymore. Here in this tutorial article, we'll provide you easy and effective method to restore all lost photos, videos and even audios on iPhone with ease. 

How to restore lost WeChat photos/videos/audios on iPhone?
Let professional iOS data recovery software help!

So how to get all lost WeChat photos/videos/audios restored on iPhone? Is it possible to restore all saved WeChat photos, videos or audios on iPhone? Sure! Professional iOS data recovery software can work to help.

You may wonder how to select a suitable iOS data recovery software to get all WeChat photos, videos and audios restored. Here we'd like to recommend you try EaseUS MobiSaver which allows you to restore whatever you've lost on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch within only 3 simple clicks. All lost WeChat photos, videos or audios saved on iPhone can all be restored after you cleaning the chat history in WeChat. 

Note: If you are an Android phone user who need to restore lost WeChat photos, videos etc saved on Android phone, let EaseUS MobiSaver for Android help.

3 Steps with EaseUS MobiSaver to restore lost WeChat photos/videos/audios on iPhone

Now you can free download EaseUS MobiSaver and follow below steps to restore all lost WeChat photos, videos, audios and even messages saved on iPhone with ease:

1. Launch EaseUS MobiSaver and connect iPhone with PC;
Choose recovery mode - "Recover from iOS Device" and click Scan.
If you have iTunes or iCloud backups for lost WeChat data, you may also try "Recover from iTunes Backup" and "Recover from iCloud Backup".

Restore lost WeChat photos/videos/audios on iPhone.

2. Scan iPhone and find lost data.
EaseUS Mobisaver will automatically scan iPhone and find present data and even lost data for you.

Scan and restore lost WeChat photos/videos/audios with ease.

3. Preview and restore found WeChat data from iPhone. 
You can choose the lost data such as WeChat photos, videos, audios or messages etc in iPhone to click Recover to save those data to a safe spot in on PC. 

WeChat photo/video/audio recovery on iPhone.

Now you can import the restored WeChat photos, videos or audios back to your iPhone to use them again.


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