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Pokémon Go Game Files Recovery

Updated on Apr 10, 2018 by Jean to iPhone Data Recovery

Pokémon Go game data erased? Give your best try with Pokémon Go game files recovery software and learn how to recover lost Pokémon Go game data, account, game saves files with ease.

"I've just lost my Pokémon Go game files save by accidentally formatting the phone SD card. That's horrible. Losing game data gives me zero motivation to start from scratch. How can I recover lost Pokémon Go game data all back?"

Today, do you play Pokémon Go? This free augmented-reality game for Android and iPhone has crazily spread out across the globe now, everyone is screaming "catch 'em all!". Thanks to a combination of GPS, augmented reality, and dorky-cute graphics, Pokémon Go asks players to travel a fictional world in order to collect every creature out there. How many creatures you've captured so far? How can you bear the loss of game progress if all the Pokémon Go game save files were completely removed? Don't worry. Here we're going to tell you how to recover lost Pokémon Go save files in a reliable way in case that you don't backup Pokémon Go game saves but get the Pokémon Go game data erased.

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About Pokémon Go Game Files

While playing with Pokémon Go wherever you go, much game data is generated and saved as game save files. Your game data including the game images, score records and all-you-can-eat data buffet has been preserved in your phone memory or external SD card. That's how Pokémon Go game data recovery is possible in case that Pokémon Go game files were deleted, game data lost after Pokémon Go reinstallation, etc.

How to Recover Pokémon Go Game Data?

To regain all the Pokémon Go game data on an external SD card, Android and iOS devices, a piece of game file recovery software is dispensable. And there are multiple choices regarding the storage where the game data is saved.

1. You play Pokémon Go game on iPhone, there are three options in EaseUS MobiSaver that enable game data recovery. Recover from iOS device if no backups were ever created; Recover from iTunes or iCloud backup if the Pokémon Go game data was synced. Learn how to use EaseUS MobiSaver to recover lost Pokémon Go game files.

recover Pokemon Go game data iPhone with EaseUS MobiSaver

2. You play Pokémon Go game on Android phones or tablets without inserting an external SD card, then EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is able to recover saved game data quickly.

Download and launch EaseUS Android data recovery tool -> scan Android device -> preview and recover Pokémon Go game files.

3. Pokémon Go game data is on an external SD card of a game console or a smartphone, then apply EaseUS file recovery software to retrieve back the lost Pokémon Go game save files. Refer to the 3 steps.

Select file types -> scan the external SD card where Pokémon Go game data was saved -> preview and recover Pokémon Go game files.