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How to Fix ‘iPhone/iPad Won’t Backup to iCloud' Error?

2017-03-15 17:55:07 Posted by Tracy King to iPhone Data Recovery

Cannot complete iCloud backup process? Your iPhone won’t backup to iCloud? Try effective methods in this article to fix iCloud fail to backup error and create backups for your iPhone, iPad or iPod now.

Quick fix: iOS backup tool

Download EaseUS iOS backup tool to safely backup your iPhone and extract data in iCloud quickly. Follow to find reliable methods to fix iPhone/iPad cannot backup to iCloud error right now.

Question: iPhone/iPad cannot backup to iCloud, how to fix it?

Question 1: I tried to use iCloud backup my iPhone photos yesterday, but it won’t allow me to complete the backup process. In stead, iCloud warned me with an error message ‘the last backup could not be completed’. What can I do to fix this issue?

Question 2: Hi there, do you know how to fix iCloud won’t backup error? I tried to backup my iPad photos and some videos into iCloud. But it won’t backup to iCloud. How to solve the problem?

If you ever failed to backup iPhone or iPad data to iCloud, you are at the right place. Here in this article, you’ll find reliable solutions to fix iCloud won’t backup issue and fix iPhone/iPad cannot backup to iCloud error with ease. 

3 Methods to fix iPhone/iPad cannot backup to iCloud issue

Here in this part, you’ll find 3 recommended methods to fix iPhone, iPad or iPod fail to backup to iCloud error. You can selectively to follow one or two methods to get iCloud backup failure issue on your iDevice now:

Method 1. Root iPhone/iPad to fix iCloud won’t backup issue

To root iOS device will help you quickly fix iCloud backup error and you can follow to see how to use iCloud backup data again after rooting iDevice:

1. Hold Home + Power buttons simultaneously till you see the Apple logo;
2. Signify the root has completed and then reboot iPhone/iPad;
3. Connect iDevice with WiFi while booting up iPhone/iPad;
4. After the iPhone or iPad is on, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup >Turn on iCloud Backup > Back Up Now.
It should work for you to backup iOS data to iCloud now. If it fails again, restart iDevice and try to backup again.

Method 2. Update iDevice to iOS 10 and reset network

When the iOS device is outdated, it may not be able to update to iCloud. Here below are what you shall do and follow:

1. Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod data to PC firstly;
In order to avoid further data loss issue due to iOS update, it’s recommended for you to firstly backup iOS data to PC firstly.
You can selectively choose iTunes or iOS backup tool (recommended at the beginning of this article) to simply backup your present iPhone/iPad data firstly.

2. Update iPhone/iPad to iOS 10
3. Reset network and join a WiFi network again from iOS device
Go to iOS Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings, then remove WiFi networks and rejoin a new WiFi network again.
4.Try to use iCloud backup iOS data again: Settings > iCloud > Turn on iCloud Backup and click Backup > Tab Back Up Now.

Method 3. Log out and log in iCloud, remove previous iCloud backup

Some times, it might be the iCloud itself stops working, which leads to iCloud backup failure. 
If the iCloud has no sufficient storage space, you may also fail to backup iOS data. So you may try below tips to fix iCloud won’t backup issue:

1. Log out and log in iCloud with your account;
2. Backup present iOS data via iTunes or iOS backup tool;
3. Remove previous iCloud backup: go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > locate and find your old iCloud backups and delete them from iCloud.
If you don’t want to lose previous old iCloud backups, you can also apply EaseUS iOS backup tool to extract iCloud backups to PC firstly. 

Alternative method to fix iCloud won’t backup error and backup all iOS data

If iPhone or iPad still won’t work for you to backup iOS data to iCloud and you are in a hurry to extract iOS data so to release space on iDevice, you can try an iCloud backup alternative method to backup iPhone/iPad/iPod data within 3 steps. You may Google to find a reliable iPhone backup tool or directly download EaseUS iOS data backup tool and follow below tutorial steps to extract and backup your iPhone data to PC as an alternative solution now:

1. Connect iOS devices with PC and launch EaseUS MobiSaver on your PC;
Choose Recover from iOS Device and click Scan;

Backup iPhone data with iCloud backup alternative tool.

2. Scan iOS devices to find present and lost iOS data;
EaseUS MobiSaver will automatically scan your iPhone/iPad or iPod to find all lost data for you.

Create backups for iPhone without iCloud.

3. Preview and select iOS data to backup to PC;
You can preview and select wanted data and click Recover to save them as a backup on your PC. 

Select wanted data to backup.

Now that you’ve successfully fixed iPhone backup issue and created a backup for your iOS data in PC. 
If you’ve tried all methods offered in this passage, none of them worked, please contact the manufacturer - Apple and ask for an after-sale service to get your problem fixed.

If you need to extract iCloud backups or iTunes backups to your PC, you can also use EaseUS MobiSaver for help with its Recover from iTunes Backup or Recover from iCloud Backup mode.