iOS/Android: Free Download Pokémon Go or Restore Pokémon Go Game Files

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Detail tutorial guidance for you to free download Pokémon Go download or recover lost Pokémon Go game files in iOS/Android. 100% working solutions are available for you to free download Pokémon Go or restore lost Pokémon Go files on your Android or iOS devices now.

Pokémon GO download and recovery on iOS and Android.

Does the game released by Niantic Company in July 2016, named "Pokémon Go", brings your memory back to the wonderful moments in your life? This game allows you to capture a Pokémon with the poke ball with your GPS and camera on. If you are looking for a way to download this game and enjoy more wonder features and new exciting moments on your phone, you may follow below tips to free download the Pokémon Go on your iOS or Android devices.

If you happen to delete, wipe out or remove Pokémon Go from your iOS or Android devices, don't worry. Here below, you may also find effective solution to restore the lost Pokémon Go game files back to your phones with ease. Let's follow the Pokémon Go download and recovery tutorial for iOS and Android now.  

Part 1. 100% working: free download Pokémon Go on iOS and Android

Since the Pokémon Go is not available worldwide and it's now only released in a few countries - US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, if you are not available to this game, you'll have to wait for it. But here below, we have 100% working method for you to get access to Pokémon Go on your iOS or Android phones now. Now Jailbreak or root are needed. Let's see: 

Video tutorial for how to free download Pokémon Go on iOS or Android phones:

Here below are the detail steps for free downloading Pokémon Go on your devices, follow the video or the below tips to get your own Pokémon Go game right now.

1. Free Download Pokémon Go iPA for iOS

  • Log out your current Apple ID: Go to the bottom of the featured tab and click "signing out from account";
  • Go to Settings > General > Language and Region: Change your region to US;
  • Go back to App store and download any free app;

 It will ask to use the existing account or create a new ID; 
 You need to Create a new ID;

  • Use the new ID to enter US App store and search for Pokémon Go;

 It will be there;

  • Tab Download on Pokémon Go and then it will be installed in your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Or you may also tab the below line to directly download Pokémon Go in your iOS device now:

Download Pokémon Go for iOS

2. Free Download Pokémon Go APK for Android

You may try to follow the exact the same steps offered for iOS users and do it on Android Play store so to download the Pokémon Go in your Android device. Or you may follow the below way:

  • Allow your Android devices to install downloaded files from unknown sources: 

 Go to Settings > Security: scroll down to 'unknown sources' and toggle to turn it on;

  • Now search Pokémon GO APK on Google or other browser that you are using to download Pokémon GO and install it in your Android devices.

If you need a direct way to access Pokémon GO, you may also follow below access to directly download it in your Android phone now:

Download the Pokémon Go APK file in Google Drive

Download the Pokémon Go file in Google Play store

Part 2. Restore lost Pokémon GO game files with ease

Careless operation such as accidental deletion or uninstall in your iOS or Android devices or system error etc. may easily remove the Pokémon GO games from your phones. So how to restore or recover lost Pokémon GO game files when problems happen to your? Is it possible for you to restore the lost or undelete game files for Pokémon GO in your iPhone or Android phones? Sure! Here below are detail steps and guidance for you to restore lost Pokémon GO game files on iOS or Android devices:

Method 1. Restore lost Pokémon GO files from iOS or Android devices

If you install the Pokémon GO games in your iOS or Android devices, a professional iOS data recovery software or Android data recovery software shall help to restore lost games from your iOS or Android devices. Here below we'd like to introduce you powerful tools to help restore lost Pokémon GO game files in your phones now:

For iOS devices users:
You may download EaseUS MobiSaver to restore lost Pokémon GO games from your iOS devices, iTunes or iCloud backups with simple clicks. You may refer to how to use EaseUS MobiSaver to get lost Pokémon GO game files back.

Restore  Pokémon GO from iOS device.

For Android devices users:
You may download EaseUS MobiSaver for Android to get lost Pokémon GO back from your Android phones or tablets with simple steps. 

When you restored the Pokémon GO installation files back, you can reinstall the game and reuse it again in your iOS or Android devices.

Method 2. Recover lost Pokémon GO game files from SD card

If you store the Pokémon GO game and installing files in an external SD card for a game console or a smartphone, things may be a little bit complicate for you to restore the lost Pokémon GO. 

You'll need professional game file recovery software for help. And Here we'd like to recommend you try EaseUS Game file recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to get your lost Pokémon GO games back from the SD card. 

You need refer to below 3 steps to get all files back:

Launch software > Select files and Scan SD card which stores Pokémon GO game files > Preview and restore Pokémon GO.

After finding Pokémon GO games back, if you cannot use it directly, you may also need to find the installing files of Pokémon GO and reinstall it for replaying on your devices again. So now you've known quite detail and effective solution for Pokémon GO download and recovery on iOS/Android devices. You don't need to worry about losing it for that you know how to restore it. Go and download this game in your phones and enjoy it now.

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