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Fix iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus App Stuck on Waiting Status Issue

Posted on Dec 09, 2016 by Tracy King to iPhone Data Recovery

This article provides solutions and workarounds for users to fix iPhone 8/iPhone X/7 or iPhone 7 Plus apps stuck on “waiting” status during download, install or upgrade process. If your iPhone get stuck with this issue, just follow to get problems solved without losing any data now.

Your iPhone X or iPhone 8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus gets stuck while downloading, installing or upgrading apps? Whole iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus stuck on 'Waiting' status when you tried to load apps? 
iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus froze on 'waiting' or 'installing' state when you tried to install or update apps on your phone? Relax! Effective methods are available here to help you out. Just follow this article to get problems solved and restore your frozen iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus without losing any data now. 

Tip: Backup and extract iOS data from stuck iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus first

In order to avid unexpected troubles from happening, you may first backup or extract your iOS data from iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus in advance.

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Restore stuck iPhone 8/7 with app waiting state.

Method 1. Reboot iPhone to fix iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus app stuck on waiting error

This is the fastest fix to solve iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus stuck on waiting error by rebooting device directly. This means that if you don't want wait anymore when iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus apps get stuck, you can just force iPhone to reboot:

  • Press and hold down Power button for a few seconds till Power off appears;
  • Power if off, wait for about 1 or two minute and then turn on iPhone 7/7 Plus.

Method 2. Resume app download or update on App Store to fix iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus app stuck issue

This method can directly fix iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus stuck in "iPhone app waiting" state while downloading or installing an app. Here is how to do it:

  • Reboot iPhone and go to App Store;
  • Locate the app you want to download > Tab Free button to download free app version or purchase for a paid version;
  • Tab Install button to proceed.

Method 3. Sign out and sign in to App Store to fix iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus app stuck 'waiting' error

  • Reboot iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus, go to Settings;
  • Tab Store (App Store) > Apple ID > Sign Out;
  • Open App Store on iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus > Navigate to the Featured;
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen < Tab Sign in;
  • Select Use Existing Apple ID and log in to your account.

Now you can redownload wanted app and the stuck app issue on iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus will be solved. 

Method 4. Remove and reinstall app later on stuck iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus in app waiting state

When apps stuck in downloading, installing or updating in iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus with waiting state, you can also remove and reinstall it later:

  • Reboot stuck iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus;
  • Go to Settings > General > Usage;
  • Tab on stuck apps under Storage > Tab Delete App button to delete apps that cause iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus stuck;
  • Re-download the app from App Store again later.

Extra effective methods to fix iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus app stuck on waiting issue

1. Switch wirelss network and verify/configure network settings to make sure that your iPhone is connected properly to network so that iOS device will not get stuck while downloading or installing apps;
2. Upgrade iOS system to new version: sometimes new apps may not be compatible with the old iOS system. Therefore, it's highly necessary for you to upgrade iOS system timely to fix the app stuck issue on iPhone 7/7 Plus.