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How to Convert iPhone Videos to MP3

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Sometimes, you may find that some background music in videos is very pleasant to listen to, and you may want to extract these sounds for a later date. But sadly, iPhone and iPad don't offer any apps or services for this purpose. Thus, you may need some different and flexible tips and tricks, like some of which introduce in this guide, to do it.

Before starting with any of these tips, make sure you've known that any attempts to use the copyrighted content for commercial purposes without the video holder's permission are illegal. So you'd better make sure your videos come from a legitimate source.

4 Ways to Convert Videos to MP3 on iPhone

To change a video to audio, you'll need some utilities to help as iPhone can't convert a video to the audio itself. These tools include desktop-based audio rippers, apps, online tools, even iTunes. All of these tools or services have their pros and cons, which can help you decide whether to use a tool or not. Now, you can select one based on your needs.

Way 1. Using the Shortcuts App

If you want to convert iPhone videos with your iPhone only, then you should try using Shortcuts, an app that helps to create automated workflows on your device. If you often use it for iOS data management, you might be very familiar with this app. If you've never used it, it's time to let it help you do something. 

Step 1. Install and open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap "Create Shortcut," and then tap "Add Action."

Add a action in shortcut

Step 3. Input "Get File" and select "Get File" from the options to add it as Action.

Step 4. Search for "encode media." Select it and add it as Action.

Add actions in shortcut

Step 5. Tap "Show More" and choose "Audio Only."

Choose Audio Only

Step 6. Search for "Save File" and add it as Action. Tap "Next," and then give it a new name.

Step 7. Tap "Done." Then, you can find this file on your Shortcut apps home page.

Save Files in the Shortcut app

Way 2. Using Audio Ripper Apps 

Apart from the Shortcuts, many other audio converter apps in the App Store also do a good job of converting videos to audio. You can search for one from the App Store by entering some keywords like "Convert Videos to Audios" or "Audio Rippers" or "Audio Extractor," etc. Since you can easily find such apps in the App Store, we won't recommend them in this guide.

Way 3. Using iTunes

iTunes also has a feature that can convert a video to an audio file. But this only works on videos stored in iTunes Library. If your videos are saved on your iPhone, you'll need to transfer videos from your iPhone to a computer first, and then import them to the iTunes Library, finally convert them to iTunes. 

Step 1. Set your iTunes to import videos in MP3 format.

  • On your computer, launch iTunes. Click "Edit" > "Preference" > "Import Settings."
  • Next to the "Import Using," choose "MP3 Encoder," and then press "OK." 

Step 2. Transfer videos from your iPhone to the computer

Step 3. Rename the extension of the imported videos from MP4 to M4A. If you can't see its file extension, that means the extension is hidden. Thus, you can click on "View" and check the files extension option to unhide it.

Step 4. Drag and drop the video to the iTunes Library.

Step 5. Select the M4A file in your iTunes Library >"File" > "Convert" > "Create MP3 version."

Step 6. Then, the converted audio will appear in your iTunes library, and you can sync it to your iPhone.

Convert videos to mp3 with iTunes

Way 4. Using the QuickTime Player - For Mac Only

If you're a Mac user, you can use QuickTime Play to convert videos to audio. The process is quite simple, which is detailed as below.

Step 1. First of all, you'll need to transfer your videos from iPhone to Mac.

Step 2. Open the video with the QuickTime Player. 

Step 3. Select the "File" option at the top of the screen > Choose "Export" > Choose "Audio Only..."

Step 4. Give this audio file a name and customize the location, then click "Save."

Convert video to audio with the quicktime player

The Final Words

The video to audio conversion on iPhone is quite easy with the methods mentioned above. From the above utilities, you can see that the desktop-based rippers are more stable and safer than the online converters. But on the downside, it requires you to install third-party software.

Converting apps are convenient, but the process involved in using them is a little bit complex. And last two choices are iTunes and the QuickTime Player, both of which are useful and easy to use. Anyway, each of the approaches has its pros and cons. You can apply any of them to handle the conversion task. 

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