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2 Free Ways to Transfer Voice Memos from PC to iPhone 8

Got some significant voice memos on the computer or an iPhone voice memos backup from iTunes and want to transfer to brand new iPhone 8, how to make it then? Usually, we can get two ways to input files to iPhone 8, including voice memos: one is using a free third-party iPhone data transfer tool to transfer voice memos easily and the other way is taking iTunes to restore iPhone 8 with the voice memos from the old iPhone's backup. Let's do it now. 

Transfer voice memos from PC to iPhone 8 using MobiMover Free

Unlike iTunes syncing that will erase and overwrite the current iPhone data, EaseUS MobiMover Free enables you to transfer voice memos from PC to iPhone 8 without any data loss. Just prepare the voice memos, launch MobiMover, choose Transfer to This Device of MobiMover, and find the voice memos files, then one-click to transfer to iPhone 8. In addition to transfer files from PC to iPhone 8, EaseUS MobiMover still allows for another three transfer models: Transfer data between two iOS devices, Transfer iPhone data to the computer and Custom transfer. 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and tap "Trust" on the iPhone screen to continue. Run EaseUS MobiMover > click "Audio" > click "Voice Memos". 

transfer voice memos from PC to iPhone - Step 1

Step 2. Here, you've come to the main screen of voice memos management. Click "Add Contents" to import as many voice memo files as you want. 

transfer voice memos from PC to iPhone - Step 2

Step 3. Now, go to your computer and find the voice memo folders or files. You are free to transfer multiple items at one time. When you click the "Open" button, MobiMover will start to move immediately. After that, open the "Voice Memos" app on your iPhone to check the synced items.

transfer voice memos from PC to iPhone - Step 3

As you can see, using EaseUS MobiMover to put files on iPhone is quite easy.  Apart from voice memos, you are able to input many other files to iPhone or iPad, like import photos from PC to iPhone, adding ringtones and PDF to iPhone or iPad. 

Transfer voice memos from PC to iPhone 8 using iTunes

For Apple users, it is a good habit to back up your iPhone with iTunes regularly, which can keep your data safe when you meet data loss caused by water damage, crash, lost or virus attack. In addition, using iCloud to back up iPhone is also a smart way.

Transferring voice memos from PC to iPhone 8 with an old iPhone' backup file can be split into two parts:

Back up old iPhone with iTunes, including voice memos

1. Connect the old iPhone to the computer via USB cable.

2. Run iTunes on your computer and click the iPhone button.

3. Select Back Up Now to transfer the old iPhone data, including voice memos to the computer.

back up iphone with itunes

Transfer voice memos to iPhone 8

1. Connect iPhone 8 to a computer with its USB cable.

2. Open iTunes and click iPhone device.

3. Choose Music in the Summary list, and click Sync Music.

4. Tick the box of Include voice memos to make sure to transfer voice memos to iPhone 8.

5. Click Sync and wait for the voice memos to be sent to iPhone 8.

transfer voice memos to iphone 8 with itunes