How to Transfer Purchased Books from iPhone to PC with Free iPhone Transfer

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Alisa Updated on Jul 06, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Reading has become more and more convenient and interesting when we can read eBooks on smartphones. As an iPhone user, you can make full use of iBook store to purchase and download all kinds of eBooks, and read them anywhere, like on the way to work. There are many popular novels that you want to read on iPhone. You can sync lots of PDF materials about your latest thesis so that you can review them anytime you like. If you're a parent, you may be interested in parenting books as well.

With more and more books saved on your iPhone, you might need to transfer purchased books from iPhone to PC as a backup or to free up more space for new books. iTunes has been the first choice for iPhone users to sync content on iPhone to the computer, but it doesn't work well in iBooks syncing, and it is a one-way tool on your computer. In the following content, we will introduce you how to transfer purchased books from iPhone to PC without iTunes. Keep reading on.

Transfer eBooks from iPhone to PC via Email

In this way, we will sync eBooks via Email account which can be accessed on both iPhone and computer. It requires you to attach the file from iBooks to email.

Step 1: Open iBooks app on your iPhone, where you will see all your purchased books displayed on the bookshelf.

Step 2: Open a book that you want to transfer to computer. Tap anywhere on the screen, and the menu will show up on the top. Tap on the share icon on the right corner of the menu bar.

Step 3: Choose Email option on the pop-up window and you will be navigated to email with a file attached.

Cons of using email to transfer iBooks:

1. Transfer only one book one time

2. Not every book in iBooks can be exported

Transferring books from iPhone to PC via email one by one will take you much time and energy. Imagine that you have 100 books that need to be migrated, which means you will do it 100 times. Is there anyway with which you can transfer purchased books from iPhone to PC in bulk? One of the best ways is to use a third-party tool, like EaseUS MobiMover Free for free iPhone data transfer, to bulk transfer iBooks from iPhone to PC without iTunes. With MobiMover installed on your PC, you can transfer books, videos, audios, photos, contacts, messages, and more to or from your iPhone. No matter you want to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone or save iPhone content to computer, you can use MobiMover to help you with it.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer (Mac or PC). Open EaseUS MobiMover > choose "Phone to PC" > click the "Next" button on the main interface. If you want to transfer books from your iPhone to your computer selectively, click "Content Management" > "Others" > "Books" instead.

How to transfer books from iPhone to computer - Step 1

Step 2. MobiMover supports almost all the data types on your iPhone. Here, you can choose to transfer books only or with other data categories. Besides, you can set the path for saving exported files. If you don't make any change, MobiMover will keep them on your desktop. 

How to transfer books from iPhone to computer - Step 2

Step 3. After all things complete, click the "Transfer" button to start exporting books from iPhone to your computer. The transfer time depends on the file size, but not too long. Wait patiently. 

How to transfer books from iPhone to computer - Step 3

In this way, you can sync all books from iPhone to the computer. What's more, you can click “Custom” button on the main interface of MobiMover, and then select specific books to transfer to PC. EaseUS MobiMover also works perfectly to import videos from iPhone to the computer.