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MobiMover Free: Transfer Photos from Laptop to iPad Without iTunes

Posted on Oct 18, 2017 by Cedric Grantham to iPhone Data Transfer

Have batches of photos on your laptop in Windows and want to transfer them to iPad? Read this post to learn to use MobiMover Free to transfer photos from laptop to iPad easily without using iTunes anymore.

"I want to transfer more than two hundred photos from my laptop to my an iPhone 6 to view the photos on my iPad when I am out with iPad. As there are some photos on my iPad, so I don't want to use iTunes to sync the photos. I know iTunes will erase the current photos. Is there any another simpler and quicker way?" A question reported by an iPad user.

I would be very convenient to enjoy photos on the handy iPad with a larger screen than that of iPhone. Especially with the more versatile, powerful, and natural Apple pencil of iOS 11 new features for iPad, viewing and editing photos on iPad can be great fun. Here, we will get you through if you have the same trouble like the user said to transfer photos from laptop to iPad without iTunes but with the best iTunes alternative - EaseUS MobiMover Free, the unique 100% free iPhone data transfer software in the world.

Tools for using EaseUS MobiMover Free

EaseUS MobiMover is famous for its easy-to-use feature. Even though you are a newbie for computer or for Apple device, MobiMover Free is fully available to you. Now, let's the simple demands for using MobiMover Free.

  • Make sure your laptop is running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Make sure your iPad is with iOS 8 and later, including the latest iOS 11
  • Prepare a compatible USB cable to connect your iPad to the laptop
  • Install any iTunes version on your laptop but with no actual operation on it
  • Download and install MobiMover Free on your laptop by checking the download button in step 1 below

If you want to read more specific information on system requirements, devices supported, main functions and formats supported by MobiMover Free, please link to the MobiMover Free technique spec page.

How to transfer photos from laptop to iPad with MobiMover Free

MobiMover Free provides four main data transfer types in all, which includes “Transfer to This Device” to transfer files from computer to iPad/iPhone using for to copy data syncing between two iOS devices; “Transfer to Computer” to back up iPhone/iPad content to computer and “Custom” model along with ultimate iPhone data management solutions, like add, delete, save, transfer and refresh iOS file in an absolutely free way. Now, let's try this outstanding iPhone transfer with detailed guides listed below.

1. Install EaseUS MobiMover on your laptop by clicking the download button below. Please make sure your laptop and iPad have met the system requirements like listed above. Besides, you also need to install iTunes on your laptop for iPad data reading, which is necessary for a third-party tool.

2. Connect your iPad to the laptop with a compatible USB cable and tap "Trust This Computer" on the iPhone screen if you are required. Launch EaseUS MobiMover and go to the main interface. Click "Transfer to This Device" to transfer photos from laptop to iPad "By folder" or "By file".

transfer to this iPhone

3. Choose one transfer type, and go to your laptop to find the photos you prepared before. You are allowed to add one or more pictures at one time. When finished, click "Open" to load the images to MobiMover. 

find the photos on your laptop 

4. Click "Transfer" to begin to transfer photos from laptop to iPad at a fast speed. Please make sure there is no USB connection breaking off while transferring. When the process is done, open the "Photos" app on your iPad to check the synced data.  In addition to photos, MobiMover also enables you to put many other files to iPad, such as transfer music from laptop to iPad to enrich your playlist. 

click Transfer to transfer music to iPhone 7